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Wuthering Waves
Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves APK 0.7.0 (CBT 2)

Apr 04, 2024

Wuthering Waves APK is a post-apocalyptic action RPG for Android, featuring a vast open world, strategic combat, diverse characters, epic bosses, and community interaction.

Name Wuthering Waves
Updated 2024-04-04
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 0.7.0
Size 1.8 GB
Category Role Playing
Developer KURO GAME
Price Free
Google Play Link

Wuthering Waves APK emerges as an innovation in the action RPG genre for Android users. On this amazing journey, explore a distinct and captivating post-apocalyptic world. In this one-of-a-kind experience, learn the mysteries of the planet and yourself.

Wuthering Waves APK

Overview of the Wuthering Waves APK

It offers an unparalleled adventure on Android devices, where players step into the shoes of Rover, a character awakened in an unfamiliar land. This action RPG is set against the backdrop of a world recovering from a catastrophic event known as "The Calament".

Players are invited into a post-apocalyptic expedition full of secrets, perils, and the possibility of a new era by the game's open environment, compelling combat system, and graphically appealing characters. A grand story where each battle advances humanity toward a better future is set in motion by the struggle for survival and rebuilding.

Free Features of Wuthering Waves

Vast Array of Characters and Styles

Wuthering Waves Beta introduces players to a rich roster of 13 unique resonators such as An'ke, Bailian, and Chixia. The unique backstories, fighting techniques, and skill sets of each character add variety and personalization to the gameplay.
Whether you prefer close-quarters combat with gauntlets or striking from a distance with long-range pistols, there's a resonator designed for your play style.

Complex Faction Dynamics

The six factions - Havoc, Fusion, Glacio, Spectra, Conducto, and Aero - add layers of depth and strategy. Your combat style, relationships with other players, and path are all impacted by the faction you choose.

Sophisticated Combat Mechanics

Combat in Wuthering Waves goes beyond mere button-mashing. A stunning demonstration of ability and strategy is possible because of this ballet of timing, accuracy, and tactical decision-making. Wuthering Waves APK Obb places a strong emphasis on dodging, using combinations, and taking advantage of enemy weaknesses.

Epic Boss Fights and Enemy Encounters

Wuthering Waves APK CBT 2 features over 20 distinct enemies and 5 formidable bosses, each designed with unique mechanics and visuals. Combat is kept exciting and intriguing by forcing players to modify their tactics and make use of their characters' advantages in these encounters.

Download Wuthering Waves APK For Android

Community Engagement and Interaction

Social engagement among players can enhance the overall experience by allowing them to create alliances, exchange tips, and even play cooperatively.

Dynamic Ally System

One element that gives players more strategic options and allows them to personalize their combat style is the ability to summon vanquished enemies as allies in subsequent bouts.

Diverse Weaponry and Combat Styles

The arsenal at your disposal is varied, catering to different combat styles and preferences. Whether you wish to employ slender one-handed swords for quick attacks or heavy claymores for devastating blows, your weapon choice will greatly influence how you approach combat.

Players Experiences

As soon as you step foot in Wuthering Waves' colorful environment, strange things start happening. In this game, you can freely explore a post-apocalyptic world, fight enemies, and search for clues. The combat system is lively and there are many different characters to play with. Solving puzzles and exploring the big world makes the experience even more engaging.

Best Tips for Playing The Game on Mobile

Maximizing your experience in Wuthering Waves on mobile devices involves understanding the game’s core mechanics and leveraging them efficiently:

  • Always be on the move during combat to avoid enemy attacks and exploit their weaknesses.
  • Try out various combinations of resonators and factions to see which one best fits your playstyle.
  • Take your time exploring the globe, since quests and hidden treasures might greatly help you on your way.
  • Participating in the community can also yield insightful advice and helpful tactics to improve your gameplay.
  • Manage your resources wisely to upgrade your characters and equipment for the challenges ahead.

Wuthering Waves Beta

The Pros and Cons of the Game


  • Diverse Characters and Factions: The wide range of characters and factions enriches gameplay and strategy.
  • Engaging Combat System: The combat is not only visually spectacular but also deep in mechanics.
  • Expansive Open World: The game offers a vast world filled with mysteries, quests, and challenges.
  • Social Interaction: Players can interact, share strategies, and even assist each other in battles.
  • Strategic Depth: From summoning allies to choosing the right weapon, the game requires thoughtful decision-making.


  • Learning Curve: New players may find the game's systems and variety overwhelming at first.
  • Resource Management: Balancing resources for character and equipment upgrades can be challenging.
  • Mobile Performance: High-quality graphics and complex mechanics may strain older devices.

Alternative Games

For fans of Wuthering Waves looking for similar experiences, several alternatives offer unique worlds and engaging gameplay:

  • Genshin Impact
  • Honkai Impact 3rd
  • The Alchemist Code
  • Black Desert Mobile
  • Epic Seven

Wuthering Waves APK Obb


Wuthering Waves APK stands out as a remarkable action RPG that combines a compelling narrative, dynamic combat, and a vast open world. With something for everyone, its diverse feature set appeals to a wide range of users. What one could expect from a smartphone game is exceeded by the game's complex strategic gameplay, engaging character systems, and vibrant community. Whether you're interacting with other players, taking on formidable opponents, or venturing into an unknown area, Wuthering Waves provides an exciting and remarkable experience.

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