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Very Little Nightmares
Very Little Nightmares

Very Little Nightmares APK 1.2.3 (Menu, Paid For Free, Latest Version)

Dec 12, 2023

Very Little Nightmares APK is a puzzle game prequel to Little Nightmares, set in a dark, eerie world.

Name Very Little Nightmares
Updated 2023-10-18
Compatible with 12 and up
Last version 1.2.3
Size 430 MB
MOD Menu, Paid For Free, Latest Version
Category Adventure
Developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Price Free
Google Play Link

Unveiling Very Little Nightmares APK | A Haunting Mobile Puzzle Adventure in a Creepy, Enchanting World

If you've ever ventured into the captivating world of Indie games, you might be familiar with the spine-chilling allure of Little Nightmares. But what if I told you there's a prequel that unravels the mysteries of this dark universe right on your mobile device? Enter Very Little Nightmares APK, a mobile-specific prequel crafted by the masterminds at Bandai Namco.

Very Little Nightmares APK

In a gaming landscape teeming with creativity, Very Little Nightmares emerges as a standout, promising a unique blend of horror and puzzle adventure. For those who've treaded through the original's eerie corridors, this mobile version is a golden opportunity to delve deeper into the haunting backstory, all within the convenience of your palm.

Overview of the Game

Picture this: a mobile game that seamlessly encapsulates the essence of its predecessor. Very Little Nightmares achieves just that, immersing players in a puzzling adventure that toes the line between adorable and bone-chilling. As the familiar yellow raincoat girl, you wake up in the Odd Mansion, setting the stage for a journey packed with environmental puzzles, machine conundrums, and an overarching sense of dread.

What units Very Little Nightmares apart is its departure from traditional degree structures. Instead, it opts for a room-by-using-room method, every area harboring its unique demanding situations. The game would not just throw puzzles at you; it plunges you into an international in which your survival relies upon unraveling the mysteries of each room, guarded by using ambitious bosses that serve as gatekeepers to the subsequent chapter of the narrative.

Attractive Point of The Game

Now, let's talk about what makes Very Little Nightmares APK Android a gripping addition to your cellular gaming repertoire. It's no longer just a game; it is an immersive horror revel designed especially for your hand-held tool. The appeal lies in its ability to encapsulate the fear of the unique game within the confines of your mobile display.

Download APK Very Little Nightmares

This isn't always your ordinary horror game; it is a mobile masterpiece that dares you to confront your deepest fears. It's approximately tapping into that primal worry, the kind that makes your coronary heart race and your senses heighten. Very Little Nightmares isn't always only a game; it is an invitation to revel in horror within the palm of your hand.

The Attractive Features of the Game 

Puzzle Adventure in Odd Mansion

Very Little Nightmares takes you on a haunting journey through the Odd Mansion, a vast labyrinth where every corner hides secrets and dangers. The puzzles are not mere distractions; they may be the threads weaving the narrative, forcing you to apply your wits and common sense to navigate this nightmarish landscape.

Gone are the traditional level structures; instead, the game unfolds room by room. Each space brings a fresh set of challenges, ensuring you live on the brink of your seat. It's not just a progression; it's an exploration, making each room a story in itself.

Perilous Environmental Puzzles

Life hangs in the balance with every step. Very Little Nightmares throws you into environmental puzzles that are not just brain-teasers but a matter of survival. It's a constant dance between uncovering clues, avoiding danger, and progressing through a narrative that unfolds with each solved puzzle.

Fierce Bosses Guarding Each Room

Bosses aren't just obstacles; they're gatekeepers to the next chapter of your nightmare. These ambitious adversaries are not just there for display; they're part of the tale. Defeating them is not just a gameplay element; it is a step closer to unraveling the reality at the back of the unsettling Odd Mansion.

Very Little Nightmares APK Android

Personal Experience and Analysis

Author's Gameplay Experience

My journey with Very Little Nightmares was both intriguing and haunting. From the moment I downloaded the Very Little Nightmares APK for Android, I knew I was in for a unique experience. The game immediately sets a tone that is both eerie and captivating. The challenges within each room pushed my problem-solving skills to the limit, offering a gratifying sense of accomplishment with each puzzle solved. The narrative, subtly woven into the gameplay, kept me engaged, urging me to uncover the mysteries of the Odd mansion and the story of the girl in the yellow raincoat.

User Reviews

User Review 1: After downloading the APK Very Little Nightmares, I was immediately drawn into its dark, whimsical world. The puzzles are challenging but fair, and the story is engaging without a single word being spoken.

User Review 2: The game's design is both creepy and beautiful. I observed myself lost in the mansion's mysteries for hours. It's an ought-to-play for anyone who enjoys a terrific puzzle journey.

User Review 3: I got the Very Little Nightmares APK Paid For Free, and it was an absolute steal. The game offers a stage of intensity and artistry that is rare in mobile video games. Highly recommend it!


  • Engaging Puzzles: Each room's unique puzzle offers a fresh challenge, keeping the gameplay exciting.
  • Compelling Storyline: The game's story is intriguing, encouraging players to delve deeper into its mysteries.
  • Artistic Design: The visuals strike a perfect balance between eerie and whimsical, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Immersive Soundtrack: The soundtrack complements the game's mood, adding depth to the gameplay.
  • Mobile Optimization: Despite its detailed graphics, the game runs smoothly on mobile platforms, thanks to the optimized game.


  • Limited Replay Value: Once the puzzles are solved and the story is revealed, there's little incentive to replay the game.
  • Potentially Frustrating Puzzles: Some puzzles can be quite challenging, which might be off-putting for casual players.
  • Requirement for Strategic Thinking: The game demands an excessive degree of strategic wondering, which may not be attractive to the ones looking for a greater comfortable gaming revel.

Download and Installation Guide

To Download APK Very Little Nightmares, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit, a trusted site for downloading games.
  • Search for 'Very Little Nightmares APK Latest Version.'
  • Click on the download link to get the APK file.
  • Once the download is complete, open the file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game on your Android device.
  • After installation, open the game and start your eerie puzzle adventure.

Very Little Nightmares APK Paid For Free


Very Little Nightmares APK is a gem in the mobile gaming world. Its mixture of challenging puzzles, a compelling storyline, and beautiful inventive design creates an unforgettable revel in. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or new to puzzle adventures, this game gives something particular to all of us. By downloading the sport, you are now not just getting a sport; you're unlocking a door to an international that is both hauntingly lovely and intellectually stimulating. So, step into the shoes of the girl in the yellow raincoat and unravel the mysteries that await in the Odd mansion. Your adventure in the world of Very Little Nightmares is just a download away.

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