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Trombone Champ
Trombone Champ

Trombone Champ APK 1.1.0 (for Android, Custom Songs)

Sep 09, 2023

Trombone Champ APK is the most loved music game by many players today.

Name Trombone Champ
Updated 2023-09-09
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.1.0
Size 122 MB
MOD for Android, Custom Songs
Category Music
Developer Music Games & Trivia Games & Trombone - LB ART
Price Free
Google Play Link

Trombone Champ APK - Blow up the sweet musical tunes

Trombone Champ APK is known to be an entertaining music-oriented game chosen by many around the world to play. The game with a trumpet style creates extremely good ensembles. Players will experience the most new and unique things only at this game. If you are interested in this game then discover it right in the article below.

Trombone Champ APK

Summary of game Trombone Champ APK

Trombone Champ For Android is a music game with completely new content when players will perform blown missions full of humor and fun. You will choose the character to start the first trumpet sound for the journey to discover the ultimate music. In the game, the user only needs to move the mouse so that it matches the notes that are about to run through. The game features multiple symphonies of the same level of play for players to experience. There are also tracks of guest artists, which correspond to vivid wallpapers, moving to the rhythm.

Most impressive score on game Trombone Champ APK Latest Version

Trombone Champ Game brings players to discover a fascinating world of music. This game will make players get a sense of the funny feel with interesting tunes in the world. If you have ever played other music games then come to this game you will see a completely different worldview. It will captivate you for hours with notes that you can touch. There are moments to play with it at your disposal. Helps you to keep track of music that can be played along with it to create the atmosphere with interesting music.

Provided incoming users can experience more than 20 songs. You will be explored with famous genres such as electronic music, classical works,traditional songs, etc. Each mixing board will be shown by guest artists in a charismatic manner. If you are a music lover then this is a great platform for you. Buying Trombone Cards is very simple just with "roots" that you can pick up when joining the game. The benefit of these cards is that you can unlock the new trombone trombone's new trombone and the secrets that are being covered up other secrets.

Trombone Champ APK Free Download

In addition, you can simply control with a controller or experience directly on the screen. Every device they work very well for you can discover every feature the game offers. You will easily move with a few taps back and forth as the notes are matched and the trombone is fast-paced. So this is a fascinating music game with many properties that have been unlocked for you the best experience space.

Featured features of game Trombone Champ APK

Get many interesting rewards

Trombone Champ Custom Songs APK brings players an engaging music game with many different features. When the player completes the task, the rewards will be multiplied from the tracks above the trombone. Makes it possible to accumulate more points when you play more original music. This game will let you feel the familiar melody and synonymous it closer to the original will help you to earn more points from it. So that's why users can experience without worrying about making mistakes so that they can get bonus points. So with the bonus points you can unlock more new songs.

Equipped with many new songs

Trombone Champ Songs APK game provides you with over 20 different songs by genre. Users can choose and participate to be able to conquer and win with close tone. It's one of the factors that makes the game more appealing with the many tracks offered.

Trombone Champ Game

Simple controller

The game makes it possible for players to explore the attractive music space. When equipped with a simple controller gives you freedom of navigation. With melodies or trombones at a fast pace. Make it possible for you to blow out the catchy melodies on the screen. Every sound activity that takes place on the trombone will be navigated by you. So with this controller you can freely experience what you want and create your own style game.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game trombone Champ Mobile APK

Realistic experience of this game

This is a very entertaining game and I love it too. Every time the mood is not good I often play this game to relieve stress. This game with extremely unique features make up many accents for this game. I have conquered the songs available in this game and will wait for the updated version.


  • Join the blowjob with many vibrant songs
  • Free to play mode offers a relaxing, relaxing experience
  • Maneuver controls move easily to complete the task


  • Stable internet connection to join the game is interesting
  • Responsive compatible configuration for smooth experience

FAQs about game Trombone Champ APK

Download this game at is it safe?

This is done very safely for users right at the site This site will provide the latest download version and always ensure absolute security for every user. In addition, the number of users who download this game is very high, and after the experience time they contribute to the game with very positive comments.

How to download the game?

Downloading this game is easy by simply clicking on the path provided at the Information section at the beginning of this article.

Configuration required to run the game

Users need to equip devices with a standard configuration Android 5.0 and above.

Does this game appear in ads?

This game will not have any annoying ads appear. This will help the player get the best experience.

Trombone Champ For Android


Trombone Champ APK is a music game for you to create interesting sounds from trombones. Will be an attractive in-Game music for users who can freely explore to accumulate more points. With the aim of unlocking many new songs increase the entertainment experience of players when coming to Trombone Champ. Discover this game by Trombone Champ APK Free Download quickly through experience with us now!

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