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Screen2Auto APK 3.6.4 (No Root)

Jul 17, 2023

Screen2Auto APK is an app that supports connecting large screens with many utilities.

Name Screen2Auto
Updated 2023-07-17
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 3.6.4
Size 17 MB
MOD No Root
Category Tools
Developer Inceptive
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is it safe to download this app?

Download Screen2Auto APK Android App is very safe. This application has been designed and moderated through experts, highly specialized teams in the field of technology. What is in this app will be safe with the user's device. Before the launch of this application to a wide range of countries, the publisher gave permission to pre-test on the first hundred users, and they confirmed that the application is reliable, there are no serious errors for user devices.

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Screen2Auto APK - Support smartphone link automotive screen extension

Screen2Auto APK is an application that will bring you Entertainment on the Android platform and also allow users to use it on cars. Give users various unlocked features. Help users to enjoy and be safe while driving. A refund service that allows download on the Android platform for free. Discover the article below to better understand this platform.

Things you need to know about app  Screen2Auto  APK

Screen2Auto APK Latest Version will help users to extend the screen control of their cars and become more convenient through this application. Applications for automotive screens by connecting to Android smartphones are getting smarter and automated to be more flexible for users to experience. The use of this application will help meet all the necessary needs for motorists. These include listening to calls, watching movies, listening to music, finding your way, surfing the web,... your urgent needs are addressed quickly and conveniently.

So to speak, the app will help you improve the quality of life and general entertainment right on your car. Thereby raising spiritual values, relieving pressure on long journeys. This app will help you to find the fastest route with moderate traffic density, shorten the travel time, and perform many operations with your voice. From there you will actively offer timely handling options and drive safely on all roads.

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Connecting the cruise camera to the driver is easy to observe

Screen2Auto APK Android Auto Screen is the application that allows you to connect to the camera. The journey is very simple. With just a few taps, you can focus on driving and be able to observe the vehicles moving around the car very safely. In addition, it helps users to see from different perspectives. Therefore, the application will give users a great ability to concentrate on driving and observing moving objects around. Support you can easily drive without worrying about danger.

In addition, you can handle situations and save those videos to the cloud on the application. So you can see that your migration process is very simple when accessing the app. This will be an automotive screen software that adopts modern technology . So the flexibility is very high so easy to connect makes your driving journey extremely exciting.

Clear and intelligent navigation map during traffic

Screen2Auto APK 3.7 also provides you a very popular map used directly on the application. So it will be easy for you to find the correct path when coming to different locations. With many different modes for you to easily observe and handle flexibility in the roads. With high accuracy, the map is very suitable for traffic roads in the world. The app also has the ability to alert traffic jams, speed limits and take other directions in the fastest way. The interface is designed extremely smart and very suitable for many different users, so very loved and appreciated.

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Voice commands perform many other actions

Screen2Auto APK Android 13 also makes it possible for users to use the platform with hands-free, very convenient and safe experiences. With an incredibly smart virtual assistant and supports many languages in the world. So the sentences are responsive and allow you to control every feature on the screen through voice. This is considered software that is studied to meet all the needs of people. With a simple controller it will be easy for you to send requests and capture every function that the user offers. Now the software for Android car screens connected through the phone is very simple with few taps.

Screen2Auto APK 2023 No Root also gives you the ability to listen to music, calls with many other features especially can entertain on the car screen connected by phone. Since the platform is built into the Android operating system, you can easily entertain yourself while driving. At the same time, there is the ability to block ads to help users have the best experience without being annoyed by any reasons. So you can freely enjoy music and movies without worrying about interruptions. A great car monitor connection platform that you should experience.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of app Screen2Auto APK

Practical application experience

This is the app I enjoyed. Almost every day I drive cars on many sections of the road to work and work. Sometimes I go out all day. Therefore, entertainment in the car is very necessary for me. I feel it is very useful to me, driving while listening to music, listening to the phone but very safe thanks to the ability to recognize the voice. If you are also driving daily then you can refer to this app and download it for use.

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  • User friendly interface
  • Safe driving with multimedia equipment
  • Accompany users on all long journeys


  • Internet connection to use multiple gadgets
  • Maintain phone device connection with automotive control to use the app
  • Support only on Android OS


Screen2Auto APK is a smart application that applies advanced technologies that make it easy for users to use and customize according to needs. Ability to multitask applications but still smooth, fast. Therefore, every situation needs to be handled or the purpose is always responsive and fast, without interrupting any needs. Screen2Auto APK Download at the site to experience this app.

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