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School Dot Fight
School Dot Fight

School Dot Fight APK 1.2 (Android Game, Latest Version)

May 22, 2023

School Dot Fight APK simulates school battle scenes and shows the player's ability to become the winner. Download now to experience.

Name School Dot Fight
Updated 2023-05-22
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.2
Size 204 MB
MOD Android Game, Latest Version
Category Role Playing
Developer CategoryNSFW Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

School Dot Fight APK - Fight for justice and return peace to school

School Dot Fight APK is the familiar fighting game genre. Give players a school setting that takes place here.It is known that fighting action games are being interested by many players. The player must enter a sorority level that will have to show his fighting ability to defeat every opponent in the fight for justice. The game is very suitable for many devices running the Android operating system completely free of charge.

School Dot Fight Game APK

About Game School Dot Fight Mod APK

School Dot Fight APK is an action role playing game. You will embody the character as a strong schoolgirl and fight the aggressors in school. They consist of a large group of people and are always looking for ways to fight other students. School Dot Fight Game APK gives you the feeling of experiencing the model of school fights as in real life.

At School Dot Fight Apkcima, you will take part in the main task of fighting the violent and saving friends from their hands. In order to achieve those goals, you need to have clear combat skills, dexterity in each blow, thorough strategic planning to increase your odds of winning in all matches. If you win as much and get more rewards to quickly unlock items, new game levels with more attractive features. In particular, items, weapons and money will be useful tools that will assist you to soon complete tasks in order to achieve the final desire.

School Dot Fight Apkrabi with many different levels to challenge players' fighting abilities. You will have to pass a total of five levels divided from easy to difficult. In the first three levels, you can easily complete as this is just the opening stage of fighting and meeting the juniors of the leader. And in the next two levels with a lot of increased difficulty, you will now fight with more enemies and meet the strongest.

Right now, you will use all the skills, wisdom, power, weapons, items available to fight with the boss name. You must overcome challenges and survive to return peace, normal activities to the school.

Download game School Dot Fight APK for Android

Coming to School Dot Fight APK Full Game, you will be fighting with many different levels, each character possesses different power and intelligence, character images are built very realistic and close. In addition, the special feature is integrated in this new version with the expectation of receiving a lot of attention from the user and a rapid increase in downloads.

Features of School Dot Fight APK Latest Version

Nowadays, the fighting game is very popular in many countries. Therefore, the slightly more demanding elements and special features are integrated into the game by publishers. School Dot Fight APK will give you immersion into a school girl with special talents. Players will have to face the enemies, they will prevent you from fighting in the school that is happening and need you to fight and fight. You will free the victims for how long they have longed to discover this game now!

Create style when fighting

This School Dot Fight APK is full of Appeal you will not be able to ignore any enemies when you start fighting. You will come across a variety of situations and will confront groups that have caused unconscious actions towards victims and many other components. Players must use their fighting abilities and launch decisive blows to knock out opponents and complete missions

School Dot Fight Apkrabi.

The game progresses very fast depending on the number of enemies you fight, the game speed will increase gradually so you need to be careful of some dangers that will appear whenever. So you need to plan the fight clearly so your decision is very important. If you do not anticipate the attack then you will be defeated very easily.

Simple console

Gives players a friendly and intuitive interface that allows users to play in a simple way when downloaded and guided in detail. Equipped with a simple controller, players can easily navigate and month out attacks to knock out opponents while fighting.

Players only need to use their combat abilities to be able to deal the most damage to the enemy. You can opt for functions like weapons and pick it up for use as a combat tool. Also allows you to use other combat items such as rocket launch tanks, guns, grenades, etc. So that you can win against every opponent.

Varied levels of play

Players will experience more than 5 game modes and the difficulty will increase gradually according to each level. The missions will depend on the level in each level there will be small games and means you will face many different enemies. You need to improve your fighting abilities if you want to conquer all challenges. Help players to experience an entertaining space without getting bored, the fighting areas will constantly change.

Classic graphics

School Dot Fight Apkcima

To give players extremely sharp and vivid graphics, so has added classic 2D graphics according to pixel interface to increase the experience of people to new heights. Due to the adoption of classic pixel graphics, the characters are displayed with very vivid effects that make the player have an antagonistic battle like being in a space of the 90s.

Should be downloaded by users and be very weak with this fighting game genre. Download game School Dot Fight APK for Android right away to have a fascinating classic fighting space!


School Dot Fight APK with context is quite familiar to players. Anyone who has gone to school has been taught or even seen through these scenes. The game reproduced the most realistic scenes so that players have the most realistic feeling of each action, texture details in the game. Try downloading the game app and allow yourself the experience of being a superhero to rescue the people you have in distress.

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