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SASSA APK (Android App)

Aug 05, 2023

SASSA APK is an application that allows users to receive subsidies.

Name SASSA R350
Updated 2023-09-06
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version
Size 41 MB
MOD Android App
Category Finance
Developer olalab digital
Price Free
Google Play Link

SASSA APK - Subscription support for receiving government subsidies

If you are looking for an application that can make it easy for you to find out information and how to apply for benefits on insurance payments, then you can refer to the SASSA APK application. It will be an effective foundation that will help you solve the problems that you are facing. This app is very convenient on mobile and fast to receive feedback from the receiver. The application is developed very widely and if you want more information about it then you can refer to the following article.


General introduction to app SASSA APK

SASSA SRD APK is an application to help the people of South Africa can enjoy the support policies from the government. This is a legitimate social application that supports users who can easily learn information as well as how to apply for online subsidies from the state. Application created with the aim of helping for the disadvantaged and those who are unemployed. Users who wish to receive these subsidies should meet the requirements according to the legal guidelines. If you are eligible, you will immediately be approved and receive the corresponding benefits to improve your current life for the better.

Attractions of app SASSA R350 APK

SASSA R350 Grant APK a software that allows you to benefit from insurance if you are unemployed or have life problems, will be supported by the Government of the South African Social Security Agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. To benefit citizens or customers who wish to enjoy the financial support of the country, asylum seekers, refugees or people without transportation and those without income. Coming to the SASSA application, users can check their information with any status that you request. The platform will use the same as a link between the site. When coming to this application allows you to update the application for benefits or other applications.


In each category you will you can easily use the items to suit the needs that you want to meet. You are assured in each category there will be detailed instructions so that you can easily use with the information that you need to supplement or bank accounts that you can easily adjust. Through this app you can easily register or file an appeal to monitor the review process through this subsidy app. It will give you flexibility in any situation if you want to change your mind or cancel it completely for the purposes you want. A platform that allows you to use and benefit from South African Social Security Policy in the best way.

Key features of app SASSA APK

Update information quickly

SASSA App Android allows users can easily change their information in a simple way. To serve all requirements of users when wanting to benefit from this platform. So you can check the status at any time and ask for treatment right on your phone if you have problems. A platform that provides all the financial benefits for citizens in South Africa, making it possible to improve their lives and have a source of income to develop their work better.

Track the process of participation, detailed history enjoyed mode

If there was no platform before, citizens must make a petition to the South African Social Security Agency to resolve it. But the process is very long, now through this platform, all issues of regime or process participation will be saved and processed quickly. Make it possible for people to enjoy all their rights without being ignored or delayed in the implementation of the regime. So users can now easily manage their information with different member codes when you sign up. In addition, you can login easily through two forms, Face ID or fingerprint to enhance the security and information of customers. Fingerprint or face logging is extremely secure and convenient.

SASSA App Download APK

Simple and intuitive interface

SASSA APK Latest Version wishes to bring users can use a simple and user-friendly platform. Makes it easy to use with optimized sorted items. Give users a sense of comfort without being constrained when experiencing at the platform.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of app SASSA APK

Practical application experience

I highly recommend this app. Thanks to it, our lives are better. The South African government is very interested in people's lives and launched this app to support the wider issue of insurance subsidies for those who are far away who can use it online to register. This application is very convenient and a very detailed guide to each item so that I can easily make a subscription to receive the grants that best suit me.


Quickly and conveniently in matters of subscription to receive subsidies

There are various forms of subsidies to support the people

The interface is close and easy to use, regularly updated information

Ensuring the confidentiality of user personal information


Internet connection to use this application online

Support for Android IOS users

It is necessary to qualify necessary to receive subsidies

FAQs about Moya App SASSA APK Download


Download this app at is it safe?

Yes. Downloading this app will be safe for your device as it is legitimate and always ensures a maximum of certain security factors. There have been a lot of users downloading, using and leaving very positive feedback.

How to download an app?

Download this app easily right at this article and more specifically located in the Information section.

Configure requests to run the app

Users need to use an Android phone with a configuration of 13.0 and above.

Does this app need the internet to work?

Yes. You need a stable internet connection to perform registration operations and receive online notifications of this application.


SASSA APK is useful for many different users when they are eligible to register to receive for themselves the most appropriate grants for their circumstances. Users need to perform simple operations in order to be able to complete the registration steps to receive a subsidy. If you are struggling and need support from the government then please SASSA App Download APK right at the website Hope that sharing this application will help you more in life.

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