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PPSSPP Gold APK 1.17 (Emulator for Android, Mod 60FPS)

May 29, 2023

Discover PPSSPP Gold APK to get smooth PSPS gaming support on mobile and tablet devices. Building a game library is quick and easy!

Name PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator
Updated 2024-02-04
Compatible with 2.3 and up
Last version 1.17
Size 14 MB
MOD Emulator for Android, Mod 60FPS
Category Tools
Developer Henrik Rydgård
Price Free
Google Play Link

PPSSPP Gold APK – Today's Top PSP Gaming Emulator!

Are you looking for the best free PSP gaming emulator? PPSSPP Gold APK is a great choice for both mobile devices and computers. Your gaming experience will be maximized to achieve smooth and attractive. PlayStation Portable game genres will be supported in terms of quality, performance and bug fixes. Gamers can now enjoy their favorite PSP titles without worrying about the device. Use it for free with many attractive features through the article below!

PPSSPP Emulator APK Gold


Game PPSSPP APK is an emulator that supports PSP game players. The publisher regularly tweaks this mod to help players improve their gaming experience. You can play games smoother with better graphics.

If you were previously worried about playing games on mobile devices with lag, now PPSSPP Emulator APK Gold can fix it all. The Gold version is full of quality and has many new upgraded features to increase the performance of the game. The errors related to the game's effects and stability are completely eliminated.

Players will be able to optimize their experience thanks to the mod's new features. PPSSPP Gold APK has been improved and upgraded more than previous versions. Players can now start with a variety of game genres. Besides, you can safely store any of your favorite game titles.

PPSSPP Mod 60FPS APK brings more experience when allowing players to use related function buttons to solve problems. This mod is like a great and solid foundation to give you sustainable gaming experiences.

Features of PPSSPP Gold APK

Download PPSSPP Games for Android APK

PPSSPP Gold APK download latest version brings many attractive and extended features to optimize the user experience. You may be interested in some of the attractive features below:

Play all PSP games smoothly

Players can use multiple parts in PPSSPP Gold APK for a more perfect PSP gaming experience. That is the main function of the mod as well as the goal of the developer. When users open the mod's interface, they see many customizable parts for the device to have better performance.

In each update, the publisher also pays great attention to this issue. Usually a related list will be included so that the user can adjust the essential items. You can see what you should tweak for a smoother experience with your favorite games.

Users can also use console devices to connect to mobile devices, to provide an immersive experience during gameplay. It is the best choice ever. It's pretty easy for you to use these features. The publisher will provide you with instructions.

Compatible with many devices

Besides mobile devices such as smartphones, Android tablets can also use PPSSPP Gold APK. It provides a great experience for the PSP game genres you want to play. Players can start their battles on larger platforms.

PPSSPP Gold APK download latest version

However, to use this mod effectively, right from the moment you download it, you need to determine the version suitable for your device. Players can also use this mod to establish connections with intermediate devices.

Store any game you like

PPSSPP Gold APK solves the storage problem for users very effectively. No matter what capacity device you use, this mod can find the most suitable option for you. Any storage problems will be solved quickly and neatly.

This emulator allows you to decide where to store your games. It can be stored on the memory card or the device capacity. However, you do not need to provide a lot of resources for the mod to run, what you need to care about is the size of the game you download.

Remove ads

Gold version does not display ads, provides a cleaner user experience and is not interrupted by ads. This is probably the feature that many gamers look forward to the most. It does not interrupt the gaming experience nor make players lose interest. The developer's special program will help you have the full gaming moments.

Support many customizations

PPSSPP Gold allows users to customize graphics settings, audio adjustments, and other configurations to suit individual needs. Players can also make many other customizations through the buttons for a better experience. Many wonderful things are waiting for you. Personalizing the experience is no longer difficult with emulators.

Download PPSSPP Games for Android APK

PPSSPP download 13 MB

PPSSPP download 13 MB will definitely bring you better PSP playing experience. Now you can play the game smoothly with many attractions. Powerful features keep you worry-free when playing games on mobile devices. If you want to download PPSSPP Gold APK, please click the link below with us. The download and installation will complete in no time!


PPSSPP Gold APK is a great emulator version, giving users a smooth PSP gaming experience on mobile devices. With performance optimization and advanced features, PPSSPP Gold offers smoothness, quality and convenience for those who love to play PSP games.

Gold APK version removes ads and offers automatic state saving, game loading from previous save point, and many flexible customizations. This helps users enjoy their favorite PSP games without any difficulty or interruption. Download now for a better game experience!

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