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Power Slap
Power Slap

Power Slap Mod APK 4.1.8 (Remove Ads, Mobile Game)

Aug 16, 2023

Power Slap Mod APK is an attractive action game and many players love the powerful experience.

Name Power Slap
Updated 2024-02-22
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 4.1.8
Size 728 MB
MOD Remove Ads, Mobile Game
Category Role Playing
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Power Slap Mod APK - Fiery slaps coming from superhuman characters

You are inhibiting and want to hit someone, right? Or are you simply trying to train your hands? Join Power Slap Mod APK. A game inspired by things that quite amaze people, but bring extremely high entertainment, extremely attractive. Players will perform actions to slap opponents until someone wins the final. Players will perform tasks in the best possible way to show their true strength. Let's learn more about this game in the next section.

Power Slap Mod APK

Brief introduction of game Power Slap Mod APK

Power Slap APK Mod is an action-packed fighting game. Players will control their character to play solo against other players. The task is to perform with straight-handed slaps with the strongest force so that the opponent is stunned, even falling from the ring. If you beat your opponent out of blood or surrender first, you will be the winner of that match. With realistic physics, you will feel the force and impact of the slap on the opponent's face, their reaction after the blow. Extremely attractive to players is the very flexible expression change of character when slapped finished. Characters in the game can possess a few features such as upgrading their health and upgrading their strength. Somehow, the game is also used by many people along with Entertainment, helping to reduce stress for players.

The funky point of the game Power Slap Mobile Mod APK

This will be a game that will appeal to players who can experience battles and confrontations against every opponent. Power Slap Mod APK Remove Ads requires players to have patience skills and stamina before extreme slaps. The game also mixes fun and guides players to experience when they are just starting out. When coming to the game players will go straight to the matches and meet many opponents with different powers. Coming to this game players will feel full of truth to the simulated world with dramatic slap competitions. You will control your character against random characters.

If you have the opportunity to win the first leg it is an opportunity for you to defeat your opponent for the first time. However, to be able to peg down, you must train skills and strength by upgrading the character. The game carries turn-based gameplay, so it will be even more stressful later if anyone who is a good player on the stage will win. In the course of the game the odds of winning and losing will be based on the character's scale.

Power Slap APK Mod

The lower the score on the side and no more points, that side will lose, the match immediately ends. The winner will receive rewards as valuable as gold. In addition, in order for the player to experience the best, the game equipped with a simple controller for you to easily manipulate and navigate the character giving the right slap at the right time with his separate skills. So, choose the time that slap to be able to decide to inflict high damage and the capacity bar is constantly decreasing, then you will quickly win.

Key features of game Power Slap Mod APK

Roll out the strongest slaps

Power Slap Mobile Game Mod APK offers to players a turn-based fighting style. So try to roll out powerful slaps to deal high damage to your opponent. Because when you use strong force, your opponent's bar is very significant. After the 3rd turn is also the last turn the player can throw a decisive slap to make the opponent fly off the field. You will have many different emotions when the floor air burns.

There are many different opponents

The game will take you into the simulation world where you will meet many characters with different powers. These characters will come from many parts of the world with diverse styles and looks. Therefore, they will possess a different source of power that needs to prepare their own tactics to win. Show your abilities and conquer the highest position with the championship.

Upgrade indicator for character

In order for the player to experience the best, what is of interest in this game is health and strength. So with Infinite features players can upgrade their characters to become stronger and improve their fighting skills with upgraded indicators. Make it possible for the character to roll out powerful slaps to knock out opponents in the fastest and more progressive way in the game. In addition, Power Slap Mod APK No Ads also has the ability to block ads that allow users to experience the best without any problems preventing or interrupting the player's experience.

Power Slap Mobile Mod APK

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Power Slap Game Mod APK

Real experience of this game

This is the most unique action game I've ever experienced. I've faced a lot of gamers around the world and tried to stay at the top of the rankings. This game is really interesting with simple gameplay, as long as you perform stronger slaps than the opponent, there is a higher chance of winning. This game fascinated me and helped relieve the pressure very effectively.


  • The interface is very simple and no ads appear do not cause interruptions when playing for you
  • The graphics are designed in great detail so that players feel every moment
  • Upgrade unlimited characters to compete with many other players


  • Need an online internet connection to play this game really well
  • Download APK file only support for Android operating system

Power Slap Game Mod APK

FAQs about game Power Slap Mod APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes, very safe. When you act download this game right at the site provided will always be guaranteed in terms of security as well as this is a prestigious web address specializing in providing a lot of games and applications. Very reliable to download and update the game right here.

How to download the game?

Downloading this game is extremely simple right at this article and namely the path is located immediately with the information about the game.

Configuration required to run the game

Users need equipment with a minimum configuration of 5.1.

What's interesting about this game?

This game gives you a lot of fun when experiencing the new sport.


Power Slap Mod APK offers players an incredibly unique strategy game. Players will meet many different characters with huge power. To win, it is necessary to upgrade the character stats and improve skills to be able to face various opponents that cause them to be knocked out before you. Download Power Slap Mod APK for Android simply right on the website or select the Download button below to download it for free and quickly. Hope you have a fun and entertaining moment!

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