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Paste Aza
Paste Aza

Paste Aza APK 1.3.2 (Fake Transfer App)

Sep 21, 2023

Paste Aza APK is an application that allows users to create fake transfers.

Name Paste Aza
Updated 2023-09-21
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3.2
Size 8 MB
MOD Fake Transfer App
Category Finance
Developer Paste Aza
Price Free
Google Play Link

Paste Aza APK - Create simple and fast fake transfer bill

Online transfer is one of the fastest, most convenient payment methods today. However, with many virtual life purposes, showing off to relatives many people want to create fake bill money transfer banks. If you want to do this quickly and simply, then find out immediately Paste Aza APK application. The article below will tell you the most necessary information about this application.

Paste Aza APK

About app Paste Aza APK

Paste Aza APK For Android is an application that supports users who can create fake bill transfer images with the aim of playing pranks on others. This app allows you to share fake screenshots about transferring money to family and friends. You can pretend to be rich by showing people how much fake money you have. The app helps you make a pretty good impression on the people around you when they see you transfer money with large limits on a regular basis. You can also create fake images of transferring money to joke with acquaintances, creating virtual surprises for them. This virtual currency allows you to add virtual balances to show to friends and family. By demonstrating the amount of virtual money, you will create your current financial credibility. Fake money applications are used only for entertainment purposes.

The best highlights of Paste Aza App

For Paste Aza APK Latest Version will make it possible for you to create the same bank payment bills as real. This will help you to use the platform to troll friends with balance in the bank. You will create a fun atmosphere and make others believe it is true. In addition, this application causes great attraction with unique features for users to get completely new experiences. Making it possible to make a transfer receipt very easily and very meticulously without anyone knowing it is fake.

But you should not abuse it for bad purposes either, the purpose of choosing to make laughter for those around you. Users are allowed to edit the information and bank, transfer amount, date and time as you wish. In addition, it is very convenient and impressive. It allows you to share photos of transfer receipts with friends and family full of fun. This app is very easy to install on devices running Android. With very good performance and enhanced security. So you can comfortably use it for entertainment purposes.

Paste Aza APK Download

In addition, you can do whatever you want to induce a cheerful atmosphere. Give you a lot of features for you to experience without restrictions while doing it. So since the launch of the application it is loved and appreciated by many users. So, this is also a great platform to help you have fun and relaxing moments after hours of work or study full of entertainment.

Superior features of app Paste Aza APK

Create bank receipts

Paste Aza Fake Transfer App Download provides users with the ability to create any invoice without any restrictions. Allows you to customize the bank name or place of receipt will be all made by you. In addition, the transfer amount is also easy to edit and even information such as date and time will be very well-groomed. Making others believe it is real brings interesting things with the aim of relaxing.

Create a transfer screenshot

Paste Aza App For Iphone also helps users to create simple transfer screenshots. With a few taps on the screen you can create a realistic image. In addition, you can save and share to your friends and deceive them to create laughter and surprise. So this is a very interesting platform that you can use to relax.

Intuitive design interface

With this application allows users to meet many users in terms of entertainment. So gave users a simple and intuitive design. Therefore, you are free to create transfer receipts that no one can know. To create an attractive entertainment space for users without restrictions.

Paste Aza App

Practical experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of app Paste Aza

Practical experience of this application

This very interesting app allows me to automatically create fake bill transfers to prank my friends. The app has the ability to generate all the most accurate information and you can capture the screen again to share to anyone. With many advanced technology and editing features that helped me experience this app very well.


  • The interface is exactly the same as bank transfers, you can customize and choose according to needs.
  • Make bill creation and screen capture in just seconds
  • The app is completely free even as advanced features


  • Stable internet connection to perform in-app manipulation
  • Currently only support for Android users

FAQs about app Paste Aza APK

Download this app at is it safe?

Yes, it is very safe to download the application right at this site. This application is used by users quite a lot and has positive comments about it. The application is also tested by a team with expertise in security and reliability for users.

How to download an app?

Download Paste Aza App right at the info section of this article. It will give you a link. Click there and make the download on demand.

Configure requests to run the app

This app needs users who meet compatible configurations for Android 5.1 and above.

Is this app entertainment?

This application aims to create entertainment with positive elements for everyone.

Download Paste Aza App


Paste AZA APK gives users the ability to increase their relaxation when allowed to create receipts that resemble the bank is impressive. You can do whatever you want to let others believe it is real. To be able to create bank receipts and discover interesting things is Paste Aza APK Download right through to start having fun here!

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