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Old Discord
Old Discord

Old Discord APK 219.21 - Stable (Mobile Revert To Old Layout, Talk/Chat App)

Dec 08, 2023

Old Discord APK is an earlier version of the Discord app with a simpler UI, strong community focus.

Name Discord: Talk, Chat & Hang Out
Updated 2024-03-04
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 219.21 - Stable
Size 230 MB
MOD Mobile Revert To Old Layout, Talk/Chat App
Category Communication
Developer Discord Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Rediscovering Old Discord APK | Nostalgia for Simpler Times in Online Chat and Community Engagement

Greetings from Discord Evolution, a virtual oasis where friends and communities come together. Discord was once ordinarily a gaming platform, however, because of its founding in 2015, it has evolved into a flexible space for all varieties of businesses. Users' reactions to the recent addition of a brand-new Discord UI to a popular cell app replacement were varied - Old Discord APK. This newsletter delves into the allure of the vintage Discord, examining its features and capabilities that have drawn users from all over the world.

Old Discord APK

Overview of the App 

Discord originated in the gaming community but has since expanded beyond its original purpose to become a massive communication tool. It serves as a central location for voice-over text, voice, and video chat for international art communities, gaming groups, and school clubs. There had been conflicting reactions to the brand new update, notwithstanding it has a new appearance and feel. While some welcomed the change, others took comfort in the familiarity of the previous version of Discord. Today, we examine more closely the elements that made the previous version of Discord unique and endearing to its users.

Attractive Point of The App 

The heartbeat of Discord lies in its ability to bring communities closer. It's a digital space where conversations flow seamlessly, and friendships thrive. Imagine a platform where every message, every voice note, and every video call adds to the tapestry of a shared experience. With the recent update, however, users found themselves torn between embracing the new and yearning for the familiarity of the old Discord.

The Attractive Features of the App 

Enhanced User Interface

The charm of the old Discord lies in its user-friendly interface. Dedicated tabs for Servers and Direct Messages bring organization without sacrificing simplicity. The vertical server navigation remains a beacon of familiarity, ensuring users can effortlessly navigate their digital realms. Despite the changes, the essence of accessibility persists, making the old Discord UI a user favorite.

Discord Old Version APK

Messaging Refinements

Communication is at the heart of Discord, and the old version took it a step further. The unified "Messages" tab seamlessly combines Direct Messages and Group DMs, creating a cohesive experience. The introduction of the "Favorite Conversations" feature allows users to prioritize essential discussions, ensuring quick access to crucial conversations. Quick reply and "Swipe to Reply" functionalities elevate the chat experience, enabling faster and more engaging conversations.

Improved Search Functionality

The old Discord ensures that finding anything is a breeze. The search bar has been empowered to locate messages, pins, attachments, and files effortlessly. No more scrolling endlessly; the search functionality streamlines the process of locating specific content within the platform.

New Notifications and You Tab

Notifications transform, enhancing clarity and efficiency. In the "Notifications" tab, users can now easily view @mentions, server events, and friend requests. Clickable notifications mean you can tap and dive directly into the relevant chat window. The "You" tab has also been enhanced for quick access to essential settings, making personalization and modification a seamless experience.

Additional Functionalities

The old Discord is not just a UI upgrade; it's a holistic improvement. Night Mode adapts to low-light conditions, providing a visually pleasing and consumer-friendly interface in the course of midnight utilization. Media sharing and viewing get hold of refinements, ensuring a smoother experience whilst sharing and gaining access to media files. The voice and video call interface undergoes a revamp, contributing to a more seamless and exciting conversation revel in the platform.

Discord Old UI

Actual Experience of the Author and Advantages/Disadvantages of the App

Personal Experience

As a long-time user, my journey with Discord, particularly the Old Discord APK, has been a mix of comfort and discovery. The platform, in its earlier versions like the Discord Old Version APK, offered a straightforward, no-frills interface that was easy to navigate and familiar. The sense of community was tangible, with features that promoted easy interaction and a sense of belonging.

User Reviews

Review 1: "The old UI had a charm. It was simple yet effective, making it easy for our gaming group to stay connected."

Review 2: "I miss the Discord Old Layout. It was less cluttered, and I could find my way around much quicker."

Review 3: "The Discord 205.15 APK was the best. It had all the features I needed without any unnecessary complications."


  • Simplicity and Familiarity: The older versions, like the Discord Old UI, were straightforward, making them user-friendly for all age groups.
  • Efficient Communication: Features were designed to streamline conversations, whether in groups or private messages.
  • Community Feel: The layout and design promoted a sense of community, essential for online interaction.
  • Customization Options: Users could easily tailor their experience to suit their preferences.
  • Stable Performance: The older versions were known for their stability and reliability, ensuring a smooth experience.


  • Limited Features: Compared to the newer versions, the older ones lacked some advanced features.
  • Outdated Interface: The old layout, while familiar, sometimes felt outdated in terms of design aesthetics.
  • Lack of Updates: With newer versions coming in, the older ones didn’t receive updates, which could be a security concern.

Download and Install

For those looking to relive the experience of the Discord Old Version, downloading the APK from a trusted source like is essential. The website offers a safe and straightforward process for downloading the Discord Mobile Revert To Old Layout. The installation is a breeze - download the APK file, allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings, and you're ready to revisit the older, simpler version of Discord.

Discord Old Layout


Discord has surely been a trailblazer in the international of online communication. While its newest updates bring in a wave of modernity and advanced features, there’s a significant number of users who find solace and preference in the older versions. The Old Discord APK, with its simplicity, stability, and community-centric layout, holds a special place in the hearts of many.

In a world where technology evolves rapidly, Discord reminds us that sometimes, the old can be just as golden as the new. As we toggle between the Discord Talk, Chat & Hang Out Old Version and the latest updates, it's a journey of embracing change while cherishing the memories of a simpler digital past.

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