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Nix Injector
Nix Injector

Nix Injector APK V1.88 (New Update, MLBB Tool, Latest Version)

Jan 13, 2024

Nix Injector APK is a game-enhancing tool by Lansord NIX for Mobile Legends, unlocking over 1000 skins, effects, and personalized gameplay features.

Name Nix Injector
Updated 2024-01-13
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version V1.88
Size 12 MB
MOD New Update, MLBB Tool, Latest Version
Category Tools
Developer Lansord NIX
Price Free
Google Play Link

Introduction of Nix Injector APK

Do you yearn for unparalleled power, dazzling looks, and the thrill of strategic dominance in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)? You want to go no farther than Nix Injector APK, a floor-breaking device to flip you from a rookie player right into a legendary warrior on the battlefield via unlocking a wealth of customization picks and gameplay advancements. Imagine strutting onto the battlefield as a radiant Sunspark Lesley, unleashing dazzling effects with every move, and outsmarting your opponents with unparalleled precision. Nix Injector makes it all a reality.

Nix Injector APK

Overview of Nix Injector Update

Injector ML, at a mere 11.7 MB, is a tool application designed for Android 5 and above. It's the brainchild of Lansord NIX, ensuring that Mobile Legends players can unlock over 1000 skins and emotes, elevating their gameplay without breaking the bank.

Nix Injector APK 2024 delves deeper, unlocking emotes that let you express your personality, combat effects that leave a trail of devastation, and even special effects that enhance your arrival, departure, and every kill with flair. Whether you're a seasoned strategist seeking every tactical advantage or a casual player yearning for unique expression, Nix Injector has something for you.

The Outstanding Features of Nix Injector APK Latest Version

Unleash a Universe of Skins

Nix Injector boasts a staggering library of over 1000 skins, transforming your favorite heroes into the stars of their epic show.

  • Unleash the Warrior Within: Equip Alucard with the chilling "Devil of the Deep Sea" skin, his crimson blades dripping with dark power, or embrace the fiery fury of "Cyberpunk Alucard," a chrome-plated nightmare for your enemies.
  • Become a Master of Shadows: Paint the battlefield in the moonlight with Hanabi's "Kagamihime" skin, her every movement ethereal grace, or strike from the darkness with the sleek "Hanabi Venom" skin, a venomous assassin shrouded in mystery.
  • Bend the Elements to Your Will: Command the storm with Zeus's "Thunder Ruler" skin, crackling with electric might, or summon celestial fire with "Ragnarok Zeus," a god of thunder reborn.

Nix Injector APK Download

Customize and Upgrade Your Skins

Don't settle for the ordinary! With the assistance of Nix Injector, you can customize and improve your unlocked skins to create a specific look that expresses your experience of style and regulations on the battlefield.

  • Change Colors on the Fly: Morph Lancelot's “Dragon Knight” skin from emerald green to a blazing crimson, or add a touch of neon to Kagura's "Floral Parasol" skin.
  • Refine Every Detail: Add glowing eyes to Gusion's "Stellar General" skin, or enhance Harley's "Jester" skin with mischievous particle effects. Make your heroes truly your own.

Express Yourself with Emotes and Analogues

Nix Injector unlocks over 70 emotes, transforming communication into a vibrant dance of emotions. You can also use silly dances to have a good time win, naughty gestures to tease opponents, or just a little humor to boost your battles.

  • Strike a Pose: Show off your skills with Harley's iconic "Magic Trick" emote, or unleash playful taunts with Lesley's "Finger Gun" emote.
  • Leave Your Mark on Every Battle: Nix Injector unlocks quite a few analog fight consequences that beautify your every circulate. Unleash dazzling trails of light with Fanny's "Saber of Light" skin, or leave a trail of fiery devastation with Alucard's "Inferno" skin.

Pump Up the Excitement with Effects

Beyond skins, Nix Injector opens up a world of effects that give each match flare and intensity.

  • Recall, Respawn, Elimination Extravaganza: Let your arrival, departure, and victory shout your name! Choose from diverse recall effects like Selena's "Abyssal Queen" whirlpool or Alucard's "Bloodbath" shower, respawn with Angelic wings or fiery explosions, and eliminate enemies with dramatic animations that showcase your dominance.
  • Unleash the Drone View: Gain the upper hand with the incredible Drone View, offering a 2X to 5X zoom on any map. Scout foes, plot with unmatched accuracy, and dominate the battlefield like never before.

Nix Injector APK 2024

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nix Injector


  • Free Access to Premium Items: Enjoy premium skins without spending real money.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation for all users, enhancing accessibility.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works seamlessly across various games and platforms.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: Gain a competitive edge with unique effects and features.
  • No Ads or Viruses: Distraction-free and secure usage.


  • Risk of Ban with Drone View: Caution is required due to potential risks associated with the Drone View feature.
  • Limited Availability of Maps: Some maps may not be fully supported.
  • Password Requirement: Initial setup requires a password generated by Nix Injector.

Nix Injector v1 9 APK Download and Install

For a secure and trustworthy download, head to Follow these steps for a hassle-free installation:

  1. Visit
  2. Locate Nix Injector APK Download.
  3. Click on the download link.
  4. Open the downloaded file.
  5. Install Nix Injector on your device.

Injector ML


Nix Injector APK isn't just a tool; it's a gateway to unleash your true potential in Mobile Legends. Step onto the battlefield with confidence, dominate with precision, and express your unique style – Nix Injector empowers you to rewrite the rules and forge your legend. Use them responsibly, and strategically, and most importantly, have fun conquering the MLBB battlefield in a way that reflects your brand of heroism. So, download now and begin your amazing experience today!


  • Unlock Over 400 Skins: Access a wide range of skins for different classes like Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Tank, and Support.
  • Drone View Feature: Provides a scalable 360-degree view up to 6x on Celestial and Western maps, enhancing strategic gameplay.
  • Unlock 12 Recall Effects: Includes unique effects like M1 Glory, Christmas, and Zodiac for personalized gameplay.
  • 10 Respawn Effects: Options like Descent, and M1 Evos, add visual flair to your game.
  • 11 Free Elimination Effects: Including K.O., Zing, and RIP, to customize your victories.
  • 10 Emotes for Communication: Expressive options like "I am Scary" to interact with other players.
  • 10 Analog Combat Effects: Adds personalization to your combat experiences.
  • Unlock Multiple Maps: Including Imperial Sanctuary, Western Place, Celestial Palace, and Magic Chess.
  • Simple Interface for Easy Access: User-friendly design for easy navigation and selection of skins and features.
  • Secure Application Access: Requires a password generated by NiX Injector for safe and exclusive use. 
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