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Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub
Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub

Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub APK 0.4.2 (Android Game)

Jun 13, 2023

Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub APK is a game full of mysteries with many situations happening continuously that scare you. Complete the mission and escape safely. Download now!

Name Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub
Updated 2023-06-13
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 0.4.2
Size 53 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Tools
Developer ModG
Price Free
Google Play Link

Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub APK - Game destroy monsters and survive to the end

If you are wondering about a horror game genre on the market, Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub APK will be the right choice for you. When participating in this horror game the player will role play as the guardian of an abandoned apartment. There are many mysteries in this place that constantly happen and make you frightened by spooky actions. You will be tasked with observing various machine angles, which will face many dangers from the dangers that are lurking you inside the darkness. By all means have to destroy them and catch the escape from that apartment before dawn. The game allows you to download it completely for free on the Android operating system.


About the game Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub APK

At the beginning of Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaires Nightclub APK Full Game the player will play the role of the guard assigned by the owner of the apartment on duty at night. And mysterious things begin to appear that bring you chills and fears with a mysterious atmosphere that is enveloping the space of the house. Players need to constantly monitor cameras from different perspectives to observe possible anomalies, and look for measures to handle them. Starting into the game you will start receiving calls in the middle of the night full of mysteries, then there will be hints about your upcoming mission. Can you find out why the mysteries and rumors about this apartment are true? There will be answers when you are the one who finds those clues.

This apartment had a lot of people and people came in and out very bustling. But suddenly one day there was a person applying for protection and applying for a position at night. At that time, the apartment was lacking staff, so the owner accepted him to work without hesitation. But that's the beginning of the upcoming series of horror tragedies.

Because when night falls this apartment is very gloomy with the creatures beginning to appear. They will appear everywhere that can hurt you. Your task is to survive and escape from that abandoned apartment as soon as possible. You need to look at the cameras from multiple perspectives. Don't let them be exposed to your hiding location and system room as they can suck up power sources that cause power outages. Then it will be an obstacle for you to destroy the monsters that are troubling you. Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub APK 0.4 Latest Version needs you to use strategic abilities to seize opportunities and prepare yourself to handle them quickly.

You need to observe the surroundings and not focus too much on the camera. If they appear unexpectedly in front of you it can drain energy and lead to death in their hands. You need to be careful in all situations. Due to the NSAFN PC APK game tempo very fast, you need to complete the task as quickly as possible to keep up with the progress of this horror game. To be able to win you need to save electricity and use it reasonably to avoid power outages. They are very recognizable because when you shine lights through the rooms their gaze will flash so it is an opportunity for you to defeat them and get out of that abandoned apartment.

Modgila NSAFN Android APK

Highlights of NSAFN Download for Android

In this Modgila NSAFN APK game you will take on the watchman at night and face many mysteries that constantly happen. Your task is to deal with them and get rid of that place as soon as possible. Along with the answer, who is behind the mystery constantly appears at night. There will be a lot of highlights that you need to keep in mind so that you can win and complete the challenge.

Energy saving

Coming to this game players need to be able to listen well. You need to use the power supply optimally so that you can use the equipment sensibly in order to pass this evening. This is when you develop your auditory abilities when you hear footsteps approaching you and try to drive them away. Don't let them come into close contact with the wings of safety because when they get close, they will consume electricity, which drains power very quickly. That's not enough energy for you to use until morning. So turn off unused devices to save power consumption.

On the CCTV cameras you will see the silhouettes of monsters approaching the location, so if you turn off the temple and close the door, they can pass and not affect you.

Apartment at night

You will be in the security system room and a light bulb is enough to illuminate the whole small room. Because when the night turns out, the apartment will gradually lose power, this will be the time when monsters begin to appear and cause mysteries for a long time. You need to maintain the power supply in the room because when the power runs out the door will open automatically. So it will interfere with you when you meet them unexpectedly because it is impossible to control the door scene safely.

Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub APK

Then you can use every way like making sounds to deceive them and let them move to another location. Players only need to use security cameras when necessary to avoid excessive energy loss. Your mission is to survive to the end and escape from that abandoned apartment for five nights. During those five nights you will experience many mysteries that scare you. In those five nights there will be many different modes that will gradually increase from easy to difficult. If you die in the game Modgila NSAFN APK will start from scratch, it is necessary to be very cautious in every decision.

Hao and sound

The graphics used here use modern 3D technology to give players a realistic entertainment space. The details of the apartment will frighten you with very sharp images and characters displayed. Night Shift At Fazclaire’s Nightclub Download APK gives you the feeling of adventure into a vivid thriller. So the game is loved by many users with attractive and extremely attractive gameplay.

In addition, the sound also gives players an extremely realistic sound. When you hear those sounds, you will be scared. With unexpected sounds when with a calm atmosphere is enough to make you pour your heart out. A game full of fun that makes players immerse themselves in the gameplay of this kind of horror. Download game NSAFN APK for Android  now to get a great experience, promising to bring surprises to you!

Download game NSAFN APK for Android


Modgila Night Shift At Fazclaire's Nightclub APK will be an extremely attractive game that brings you successive episodes that happen everywhere in the abandoned apartment. You will have moments of entertaining experience with the amazing horror genre. Along with many situations that scare you but are very faulty. Along with very live graphics and sounds give players a very real feeling. Discover this horror adventure game now! To find out the mystery behind this apartment right now!

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