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Magic Chess
Magic Chess

Magic Chess APK (Multiplayer Mode)

Mar 29, 2024

Magic Chess APK is a thrilling real-time strategy auto-chess game for Android where magical heroes clash in intense battles for victory and dominance.

Name Magic Chess
Updated 2024-03-29
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version
Size 94 MB
MOD Multiplayer Mode
Category Strategy
Developer Kaka Games Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Magic Chess APK - A Magical Journey Through Real-Time Strategy Auto Chess!

In dynamic gaming global, Magic Chess APK represents a unique twist within the RTS dueling game genre, heavily drawing inspiration from Dota Auto Chess's celebrated gameplay. Designed to have interaction with up to 8 gamers in interesting online matches, this mobile game stands out for its intuitive yet strategic combat gadget. Available as a free download for Android devices, it is brought to existence by way of Kaka Games Inc., promising infinite hours of leisure. Whether you're strategizing troop placements or merging units for extra energy, Magic Chess Bang Bang gives an immersive universe of magical battles and alliances, best for both pro strategists and novices to the genre.

Magic Chess APK

What’s New in Magic Chess Latest Version?

In the latest version of Magic Chess Mobile Legend on Android devices, several exciting features have been introduced to enhance the gaming experience. Now, players can expect:

  • Enhanced Graphics: The newest version for Android boasts improved graphics, making battles more visually appealing.
  • New Heroes and Abilities: Fresh heroes with unique abilities have been added, providing players with more strategic options.
  • Optimized Gameplay: The gameplay has been fine-tuned for smoother performance, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Updated Hero-Star System: The hero-star system has been revamped, allowing players to upgrade their heroes more efficiently.
  • Improved Matchmaking: Matchmaking algorithms have been improved to ensure fair and balanced matchups.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements: Various bugs have been addressed, and overall performance has been optimized for better gameplay.

Outstanding Features of Magic Chess for Android

Magic Chess Bang Bang shines with its distinctive features that cater to Android users looking for a strategic and engaging gameplay experience.

  • Auto-Play Chess Mechanics: Set your chess pieces on the battlefield and watch as they automatically battle opponents, this feature allows for strategic planning without the need for constant manual control.
  • Diverse Strategic Options: With over 50 heroes spread across 11 species and 10 classes, players have an extensive array of strategies at their disposal, crafting the perfect lineup requires a mix of tactical insight and adaptability.
  • Hero Star-Raising System: Enhance your heroes by upgrading them into higher-star versions, unlocking their latent abilities. With the new version for Android, this shared hero pool feature ensures a level playing field, emphasizing skill over luck.
  • Classic Survival Gameplay: Embrace the auto-chess tradition with a survival mode where 8 players compete using heroes of varying classes and species, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each hero is key to outmaneuvering your opponents.
  • Global Competition: With the version for Android, battle against players worldwide, making every match a new and challenging experience, the global player base ensures diverse strategies and playstyles.
  • Fair Play MOBA: Magic Chess guarantees a balanced playing field with no pay-to-win elements. Success in the game is based on strategic acumen and a bit of luck, ensuring a fair experience for all.
  • Vibrant Graphics and Effects: In the new version for Android, the game's visual appeal is undeniable, with stunning graphics and skill effects that bring the magical battles to life, each hero and skill is meticulously designed to enhance the immersive experience.
  • Seamless Updates and Support: Regular updates keep Magic Chess ML fresh, introducing new heroes, features, and balance adjustments to maintain an engaging and competitive environment.

Download Magic Chess APK For Android

Best Tips for Playing Magic Chess on Mobile

To excel in Magic Chess Bang Bang APK, it's essential to master both strategic planning and adaptability. With the new version for Android, start by familiarizing yourself with the various heroes and their abilities, as this knowledge will be crucial in forming effective strategies.

Always keep an eye on the composition of your opponent's lineup and be prepared to adjust your strategy accordingly, merging three units of the same kind to form a more powerful unit is a fundamental tactic that can turn the tide of battle.

Additionally, with the free version for Android, managing your coins efficiently to upgrade troops and buy new ones is key to maintaining a strong position throughout the game. Finally, practice makes perfect; the more you play, the better you'll understand the dynamics and the more adept you'll become at predicting and countering your opponents' moves.

Magic Chess ML

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Magic Chess Latest Version


  • Engaging Strategic Gameplay: Offers deep strategic elements that reward planning and adaptability.
  • High-Quality Graphics: Enhanced graphics provide a visually stunning gaming experience.
  • Diverse Hero Pool: A wide range of heroes allows for numerous strategies and team compositions.
  • Fair Play Environment: The new version for Android emphasizes skill over pay-to-win mechanics, ensuring a balanced competitive landscape.
  • Global Player Base: Compete against players from around the world, adding to the game’s replayability.


  • Complex for Beginners: New players may find the game's mechanics overwhelming initially.
  • In-App Purchases: While not necessary, in-app purchases can tempt players looking for quicker progress.
  • Requires Strategic Thinking: This may not appeal to those looking for a more casual gaming experience.
  • Internet Dependency: Being an online game, it requires a stable internet connection, which might be a barrier for some.

Alternative Games

For those looking for similar strategic depth or a fresh take on the auto-chess genre, several alternatives are worth exploring:

  • Dota Underlords: Offers a similar auto-chess experience with the rich lore of the Dota universe.
  • Teamfight Tactics: Riot Games’ take on auto-chess, incorporating League of Legends characters.
  • Hearthstone Battlegrounds: A card-based take on the auto-battle genre, set in the Warcraft universe.

Magic Chess Bang Bang APK


Magic Chess APK stands out in the crowded field of RTS and auto-chess games with its unique blend of strategic gameplay, stunning graphics, and a vast array of heroes. Its fair play policy ensures that skill and strategy are the keys to success, making every match a new and exciting challenge. With its continuous updates and global player base, the Magic Chess Bang Bang 2024 version promises endless entertainment for strategic minds. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of auto-chess games or a curious newcomer, the game offers a magical experience that's hard to put down. So, Download Magic Chess APK For Android from here and begin your attractive experience today!

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