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LittleMan Remake
LittleMan Remake

LittleMan Remake APK 0.29 (for Android/Port, Gallery Unlocked)

Aug 09, 2023

LittleMan Remake APK is a simulation game with many attractive and creative characters.

Name LittleMan Remake
Updated 2023-08-09
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 0.29
Size 777 MB
MOD for Android/Port, Gallery Unlocked
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Mr Rabbit Team
Price Free
Google Play Link

LittleMan Remake APK - Join life building from many good relationships

LittleMan Remake APK is a game where you can adventure and change your life along with many other characters in this game. The game is loved by a lot of players and especially for a mature age. The game will expand the space for players to easily perform actions to help the character's life become more colorful. With the newly released mobile version will bring many interesting things to players. Discover the article below for more information on this game.

LittleMan Remake APK

Summary of the game LittleMan Remake APK

LittleMan Remake APK For Android is an engaging character role playing simulation game. The game brings many interesting things to players when you can participate in various tasks such as improving the current life of the character, finding true happiness, and regular online events. Players will control male characters with any shaping of your choice. This character has a very difficult family and he finds every way to earn money to feed himself. And until one day he laid down his thoughts, it was decided that he would develop his relationship to perform superhuman crafts from his talents in order to make more money.

Until one day, he met a female character and fell in love with her at first glance. Therefore, the player must help the character find as much money as possible to be able to confess his feelings to the female character. This game with humanistic elements has created certain attractions to players. The game is built on an open plot so that you can create the most beautiful endings.

Attractions of the game LittleMan Remake APK

Come to this LittleMan Remake APK Latest Version players will begin to have an immersive adventure full of Appeal. Players can discover a unique storyline that video games bring. When the game story tells of a guy who encounters many difficulties in life but still tries to overcome and forget the nightmares that have followed him throughout the time. Coming to this game the player will be deciding every future for him and looking for different items for him to craft.

This is known as an opportunity to help him earn more income and improve his life. In addition, it gives him more joy to have helped him in some life than before without much difficulty. Give players a realistic simulation space when helping the protagonist overcome fate with many challenges. Do everything you can to heal his soul without suffering the same pain as before.

LittleMan Remake APK For Android

In addition, the character will be given the opportunity to be able to change life. If he has enough accumulated skills to master magic, it will be easy for the character to overcome challenges and enjoy his life. Therefore, starting the game players need to observe the details of how it takes place in order to decide the future of this game.

Key features of LittleMan Remake APK Android/Port game

Many characters you meet

Coming to LittleMan Remake APK Gallery Unlocked players will meet and interact with many different characters that will help him be able to change his life. But while you help the protagonist not let him hit the pitfalls as before, but change his life for the better. In each character there will be different lifestyles or personalities that you have to handle situations skillfully without anything happening. To avoid impacting the outcome of the game.

Fascinating quests and challenges

Starting to join the game players will receive various tasks and challenges. The goal is to change the character's life from difficulty. Create a stable job and bring him joy. So this game needs you to equip a good strategy skill to solve every problem. To complete the challenge quickly.

Vivid graphics and sound

In addition, LittleMan Remake By Rabbit Team APK also helps players get moments to explore the world of simulation full of fun. Give players a sense of authenticity with life-oriented situations applied to the game. From character to backdrop is beautifully designed to help players get great moments of entertainment. In addition, it also equips players with an extremely sharp sound. Make players immerse themselves in each action that takes place with detailed sounds.

LittleMan Remake APK Download

Realistic experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of LittleMan Remake game

Realistic experience of this game

This is a very good game. I have felt many emotional aspects and characters are very diverse to control the performance of many activities. The game has beautiful graphics and many special features to assist you in many difficult task situations to overcome. In general, this game is very entertaining and good.


  • Diverse characters with many fascinating story happenings
  • Gameplay and missions are full of attraction
  • Simple interface with controls right on the screen


  • Need stable internet connection to play games
  • APK file download only support for Android

LittleMan Remake APK Android/Port

FAQs about game LittleMan Remake APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes, very safe. Users can be assured of security and reliability as the game is always checked periodically by a highly specialized team.

How to download the game?

To download this game, players only need to access the path in the First Information section.

Configuration required to run the game

Players need to equip an Android phone with a configuration of 5.0 and above.

Does this game have a free experience?

Yes, this game allows users to experience it for free.


LittleMan Remake APK gives players an exciting role-playing game that you should explore. Let the player see a different perspective on the current life. By the difficult energies that the character experiences, you get moments immersed in the game. It's better to help the character change his life. Lets you can LittleMan Remake APK Download directly on the site or download the path below to enjoy the game today!

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