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Jan Ken Pon
Jan Ken Pon

Jan Ken Pon APK 1.05 (Rock Raper Scissors Game)

Aug 17, 2023

Jan Ken Pon APK is an extremely attractive fighting game for all players.

Name Jan Ken Pon
Updated 2023-08-17
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.05
Size 28 MB
MOD Rock Raper Scissors Game
Category Arcade
Developer Star Seeker Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Jan Ken Pon APK - Play extremely simple but charismatic prison

Rock paper scissors is a folk game that has been winning and losing for a long time. Almost all of us have spent our childhood playing rock paper scissors. Let's come to the new version of Jan Ken Pon APK rock paper scissors game. It's one of the most exciting rock paper scissors games out there. The genre of entertainment is full of fun, although simple, but it can be addictive for you. The opponents will fight each other to find the final winner. Discover this game in the following article to feel its fun.

Jan Ken Pon APK

About the game Jan Ken Pon APK

Jan Ken Pon Anime APK is a game that brings fun and excitement to players. This game wishes to bring comprehensive entertainment to players. You will spend your free time studying the strategy that is perfect for defeating opponents. This rock paper scissors free game has a fighting game mode, that is, you will fight with another person and find a way to defeat the opponent. With the simplest and most understandable of the game, a lot of gamers choose to fight together so excitedly. Players who only need to know the rules can start playing this game and have the opportunity to become the king of tock paper scissors.

Game attractions Jan Ken Pon APK

Are you ready to enter the world of gorgeous colorful Jan Ken Pon APK Para Android will be the choice for you. Give you a top notch entertainment platform. Unlike other tactical games that have to use swords, in this game you need intellectual property to catch strawberries in classic spiderman games. The game will give you an attractive fighting world. This combination will help you get a unique entertainment space.

Helping you get a creative experience with the role of the anime character will begin to engage in dramatic battles. The law will be applied as before to decide whether to win or lose. In this game you need to equip high strategic skills to deceive opponents to judge the correct move to win. In addition, you also have to be very sharp to make a decision in a game full of fun differences as usual. Players can feel the depth by introducing the character and the ability to strategically apply to the fight. Therefore,the game will let you feel the plot and convey the storytelling in a depth and high charisma. 

Each character will carry a distinct motivation and skill that makes it possible to use at the right time that wins. In addition, players need to conquer challenges and battles. The photo brings effects that will help you immerse yourself in the game with stunning animations. A fascinating Prison game will surely give you a relaxing space full of fun with many other players!

Jan Ken Pon Anime APK

Game features Jan Ken Pong Anime APK

Rich multiplayer game modes

Jan Ken Pon APK Latest Version provides players with many different game modes. Make it possible to satisfy your entertainment needs. This game requires a high competitive factor. So you have to use your skills to overcome all challenges. In addition, there is a cooperative game mode, which makes it possible for players to create a variety of styles.

Fast paced speed

Let the game add attractiveness and get an attractive entertainment space. So equipped with fast-paced game speed makes players impressed. As a strategy game, you need to build a creative plan. It will definitely give the game an entertaining space full of attractions. Give players dramatic battles. Let you develop your acute thinking.

Equip good tactical skills

To be able to win, Rock Raper Scissors Game Jan Ken Pon APK requires players equipped with good reflex skills. Combine tactics to deceive opponents and win. So if you take the first part of the exam that is advantageous for you to win. And develop separate skills before the opponent. So every decision you make must be realistic to get the desired result.

Jan Ken Pon APK Download

Real experience and Advantages/ Disadvantages of game Jan Ken Pon APK

Real experience of this game

I love this game because it reminds me of my childhood. This game has a very simple gameplay, but if you do not have a strategy, it will be easy to lose. I have a lot of ways to beat my opponent and have won a lot of victories. I love this game and hope it will give out more unique and groundbreaking versions.


  • Join the dramatic fight
  • Easy gameplay with lots of fun images
  • Discover the best things right here


  • Players need high concentration to fight
  • Connect to the internet to play with many other players around the world

Jan Ken Pong Anime APK

FAQs about the game Jan Ken Pon APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Downloading the game right at the site provided is very safe for your device. This is evident by the number of users who download to play a lot and after the experience time they rate very positively.

How to download the game?

Downloading this game is extremely simple right at the Information section of this article.

Configuration required to run the game

Users need to equip a game-compatible configuration with a minimum of Android 4.1 and above.

Can this game be played for free?

Yes, this game allows players completely free.


Jan Ken Pon APK gives players an engaging tactical game with classic slot games. So you need to equip the plans for the wars to take place. Create a game full of attraction and impression for players. So this is the game that you Jan Ken Pon APK Download right through the website or click the download bottom berth button to enjoy the game now!

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