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InnerTune APK 5.47.2 (Free and Open Source Music, Latest Version)

Nov 22, 2023

InnerTune APK is an app that personalized music for mind-body harmony for Android users.

Name Innertune: Listen Affirmations
Updated 2024-02-06
Compatible with 10 and up
Last version 5.47.2
Size 54 MB
MOD Free and Open Source Music, Latest Version
Category Health & Fitness
Developer Innertune Media Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

InnerTune APK Revolutionizes Music Streaming | Free, Offline Playback, Karaoke Mode, and Seamless Android Auto Support

Welcome to the future of music enjoyment! InnerTune APK, a groundbreaking music application, is here to redefine the way you experience your favorite tunes. Unlike other music apps, InnerTune seamlessly integrates with YouTube and YouTube Music, offering a free and uninterrupted streaming experience. Get ready to dive into a world where your music preferences take center stage, creating a truly personalized and engaging journey.

InnerTune APK

Overview of InnerTune Music APK

InnerTune App isn't just your average music player; it's a visual delight based on material design, ensuring a beautiful interface on your device. What sets it aside is its direct connection to the widespread YouTube track library, providing you with admission to hundreds of thousands of songs. Whether you're a pop aficionado or a rock enthusiast, InnerTune has something for everyone. Let's explore why InnerTune is becoming the go-to choice for music lovers.

Attractive Features of InnerTune APK Latest Version

Stream for YT Music

Say goodbye to subscription fees and annoying ads. InnerTune offers you the luxury of completely free streaming from YT Music. Dive into a vast library of songs without interruptions, creating the perfect soundtrack for every moment. It's music at your fingertips without breaking the bank.

Background Playback

Ever wanted to listen to music with your screen off or while using other apps? InnerTune grants you that wish with its signature Background Playback feature. Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes without any visual distractions, providing an uninterrupted musical experience that doesn't demand a premium subscription.

Offline Playback

Picture this: You're on a road trip, surrounded by nature, and your favorite song starts playing. InnerTune makes this possible with Offline Playback. Download songs from the extensive library and enjoy them offline, even in remote areas with limited internet access. It's your music, anytime, anywhere.

InnerTune APK Download

Android Auto Support

Taking your music on the road has never been easier. InnerTune seamlessly integrates with Android Auto, allowing you to stream your favorite songs directly from the YT Music library in your car. No need for an expensive premium subscription – InnerTune makes your car rides a musical journey without breaking the bank.

Material Theme

Inner Tune APK doesn't just sound good; it looks good too. The Material Theme provides a vibrant and smooth user experience. No complicated elements – just simplicity that enhances your enjoyment while streaming your favorite songs. Even if you're a first-time user, InnerTune's design ensures you have the ultimate fun while exploring its features.

Actual Experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of InnerTune App For Android

User Review on

Before we dive into my personal experience, let's see what users on have to say about InnerTune App Download APK:

User 1: "InnerTune has become my go-to music app. The free streaming from YT Music is a game-changer, and the background playback makes it seamless. No ads, just music!"

User 2: "I love the offline playback feature. Perfect for road trips when the internet is spotty. The Material Theme is sleek, and it's user-friendly even for a tech novice like me."

User 3: "Android Auto support is a blessing. I can effortlessly stream music in my car without any extra subscriptions. InnerTune has simplified my music experience."


Now, let's break down the top 5 advantages of using InnerTune:

InnerTune App

  • Free Streaming: InnerTune provides access to YT Music's extensive library without any subscription fees. Say goodbye to paywalls and enjoy your favorite songs for free.
  • Background Playback: The ability to listen to music with the screen off or while using other apps is a game-changer. InnerTune ensures an uninterrupted music experience, eliminating the need for a premium subscription.
  • Offline Playback: Download your favorite songs and playlists for offline listening This function is especially useful while you're at the cross, whether or not it's commuting, visiting, or exploring far-off areas with limited net access.
  • Android Auto Support: InnerTune makes it easy to stream music in your car with native Android Auto support. No need for additional subscriptions – connect and enjoy your favorite tunes hassle-free.
  • Material Theme: The app's design is both vibrant and user-friendly. The Material Theme enhances the overall experience, making it enjoyable for both seasoned users and those new to music streaming apps.


While InnerTune comes with numerous benefits, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks:

  • Limited Offline Playback Duration: Some users have reported limitations on how long downloaded songs can be played offline. This could be a drawback for users looking for extended offline listening without an internet connection.
  • Dependency on Internet Quality: While the offline playback feature is handy, the overall experience may still depend on the quality of your internet connection when accessing certain features or updating playlists.
  • Minor Interface Lag: A few users have noted minor interface lag when navigating through the app. While not a major issue, it's something to be aware of for users who prioritize a seamless and responsive interface.

Compare with Other Apps

In the sea of music apps, InnerTune APK Download stands out with its unique features. While other apps may offer similar functionalities, InnerTune's combination of free streaming, background playback, offline mode, and Android Auto support makes it a compelling choice. The Material Theme adds an extra layer of simplicity and visual attraction, placing it aside from the competition.

Inner Tune APK


InnerTune APK isn't just a music app; it's a music revolution. With features like free streaming, history playback, offline mode, and Android Auto help, it caters to a diverse audience. The Material Theme adds a touch of elegance to the user experience. Sure, there are a few minor drawbacks, but the advantages far outweigh them. InnerTune offers a personalized and engaging music journey without the hefty price tag. It's time to enhance your music experience – try InnerTune today and discover a new way to enjoy your favorite tunes. Music has never been this accessible and enjoyable!

THINGS READERS NEED TO KNOW: The 10 Most Outstanding Features of the App’s Latest Version

  • Free Streaming: Access millions of songs on YT Music without subscription fees.
  • Background Playback: Enjoy uninterrupted music with the screen off or while using other apps.
  • Offline Playback: Download and play songs offline, ideal for travel and limited internet areas.
  • Android Auto Support: Stream music in your car hassle-free without extra subscriptions.
  • Material Theme: User-friendly design with a vibrant Material Theme for an enjoyable experience.
  • Smart Interaction Technology: Personalized music experiences based on your mood.
  • Karaoke Mode: Fully immersive karaoke experience with adjustable vocal tracks.
  • Expansive Music Library: Explore a diverse collection of genres and artists.
  • Social Sharing: Easily share playlists and songs on social media platforms.
  • Regular Updates: Stay current with the latest features and improvements for an enhanced user experience.
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