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Granny Remake
Granny Remake

Granny Remake APK 1.1 (For Android Game)

Aug 01, 2023

Granny Remake APK is a horror game that is interesting to many players around the world.

Name Granny Remake
Updated 2023-08-01
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.1
Size 45 MB
MOD For Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer ScootAppsDTCM
Price Free
Google Play Link

Granny Remake APK - Discover horror and mystery at a house

Unlike movies, the interactive aspect of the horror game causes emotions to climb when players face fear directly, giving a feeling of immersion into the scary world that developers create in the game. Granny Remake APK horror game not only brings fear with heart-twitching action, but they also hide the plot with depth, accumulating many human values. Horror games are always challenging and can be said to be quite picky players by the stress, panic that it brings. If you are passionate about horror then immediately refer to this game in the article below.

Granny Remake APK

Learn more about game Granny Remake APK

Granny Remake Mobile APK is a horror game that takes place in a fantasy world. Players will have to overcome a lot of horror scenes that take place in the house and have to do everything possible to get out of there as quickly as possible. You will discover many things full of scary people and chills when you have just started the game. Players must be really calm and ready to face the challenges ahead to be able to complete the missions. The game requires users to use skills, experience in life to overcome fear, always in a stable state to escape from dangerous places.

Granny Remake APK brings the most attractive

You are the favorite horror genre then Granny Remake game will bring you extremely attractive horror moments. Players will start exploring the world of darkness full of splendor as you will begin to go with the many situations that take place at the House. So will give you fascinating adventures in the deserted house and you will get stuck and start dealing with zombies with sinister appearance and many calculations. Allows you the opportunity to explore and move through many gloomy and strange corridors in the house so that you collect clues to complete the puzzle. 

To be able to complete quickly, you must equip yourself with the ability to think and be sharp. In the darkness will hide dangerous and mysterious things when they are hunting you called Granny. Your mission is to dodge and escape from it and find the dark secret behind this house. More importantly, quickly get out of the house within five nights. So this will be the game that you have to love and fall in love with when the action is very honest with interesting gameplay. You can have the best experience available only in this game.

Granny Remake Mobile APK

Featured features of the game Granny Remake APK Latest Version

Very attractive game mechanics

Granny Remake game APK 2023 brings you many different emotions. Help you achieve your goal and escape from the house as quickly as possible. So you need to do the puzzle and find the information to string it back into a correct result so that you can unlock the door that has been stopped ahead. The game will give you the opportunity to escape from the abandoned house within this year and have to leave before dawn. If you do not finish, the grandmother will catch you and the game will start again. Then you have to catch the strawberry game again along with the room in which you came from. So every decision you make is important to your future in this game.

Controller for best experience

It will be the game that allows you to experience the entire level of the game with an intuitive controller. Help you get the best experience without any problems while playing. Coming to the game players will always turn on looking for new hiding places and be silent so as not to be caught by the grandmother. You will have a lot of difficulties if you do not navigate, it will be easy to get lost. Players will have to shudder at the ancient space so be careful at everything around. So the game always needs you to stay calm to handle unexpected situations quickly.

3D graphic design

Granny Remake APK 0.1 For Android aims to create a desire for players to experience things like watching a horror movie. The details of the game will be very vivid. To create a feeling of scary and full of honesty to the player. In addition, players discover many different levels of horror according to each level that players will experience. Start downloading for the best moments of entertainment right now!

Granny Remake APK Download Android

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Granny Remake APK Download Android

Realistic experience of the game

Horror games are the genre that I love, it gives me a lot of emotions during the experience. This game really gave me very real feelings like myself experiencing those scary scenes. Not only that,the graphics of the game when combined with sound always create a feeling of cold back while playing. I feel it's cool and interesting. If you also love horror, Don't miss this game.


  • Diverse missions and many characters appear in the game
  • Horror is pushed up to the climax creating the most real feeling for the player
  • Graphics and sound are the two elements that make up half the success for this game


  • Not for those who are sensitive to horror
  • Internet connection to play this stable game
  • Currently the APK file download version is only for Android

Granny Remake APK Latest Version

FAQs about game Granny Remake APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Make this game download from always be safe. This game has been carefully moderated through the highly specialized team in the industry and tested through any group of users.

How to download the game?

Download this game through the following steps. Visit the website and look for this game. Then tap Download Granny Remake APK. Allows access to install and complete it.

Configuration required to run the game

To run this game, players need to equip Android 5.0 devices or more.

What is this game interesting for players?

You will experience what is most horror and scary, it will surely satisfy your favorite horror feelings


Granny Remake APK is a fascinating horror game with exciting gameplay that will give you scary space. You have to feel and don't let the old woman know where you are hiding. Let's quickly complete the puzzle to be able to unlock the door to escape from the abandoned house safely. What are you waiting for? Do not Download Granny Remake APK directly at the site today!

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