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Fermata Auto
Fermata Auto

Fermata Auto APK 1.9.8 (Android Media Player)

Jul 01, 2023

Fermata Auto APK is a popular music and video player for Android devices.

Name Fermata Media Player
Updated 2024-02-21
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.9.8
Size 43 MB
MOD Android Media Player
Category Music & Audio
Developer Andrey Pavlenko
Price Free
Google Play Link

Fermata Auto APK - Apps for music, video players

Fermata Auto APK is an application that allows you to play any music or video without restrictions. Allows you to play anywhere and can control all very simple files based online or offline. The application has many advanced features that have been unlocked for free. To satisfy the user's entertainment when coming to this media player application. So you can download it for free on platforms running Android. The information below will help you less so do not rush to ignore it!

Fermata Auto APK

Overview of app Fermata Auto APK

Fermata control APK is an application used to play songs, videos common to current users. The special thing is that here you will be using open source, you can simply understand it is the part of the code that is publicly available to everyone. And that allows you to download things that are in the app with ease to use. Sometimes you can even edit and customize them. The application will be a great place for you to store various audio and video. You can access and search any content, if available the app will automatically display to the Home screen so that you can open up and see right away.

Fermata Auto for Android Auto APK with a very simple interface but brings a lot of benefits to users. Users can also use the app to TV player through connecting to the smartphone to play your music, videos inside this app. Through the application, you can play any video as you like, which is very convenient for you to watch the video in a wider mode. This app is great, try it now.

Attractions of the app Fermata Auto Android Auto APK

Fermata Media Player APK allows you to play music and watch videos in high resolution depending on each song, video allowed. You can also stream TV movies through a free TV player, connecting them for smooth viewing. The application also allows you to create folders for easy management. Each track, video has a clear title, genre, size. You can completely rely on that information to organize your data to make it most convenient for the search process again. The application always meets all the needs of listening to music, watching videos of users because many special features are always integrated in the application. Users can experience the best in just one app.

Fermata Auto Android Auto APK

Features of the app AAAD Fermata Auto APK

Intuitive interface

This is a platform that allows you to play audio and video when it is open source for free along with a user-friendly interface suitable for many users. Xtreme HD IPTV APK will be a great experience that allows you to play your favorite songs to share to a simple TV. Designed to make it possible to use media files into folders and set up playlists. A great application gives you an extremely attractive entertainment space without any problems when streaming. You can download it for free and enjoy this amazing player now. Along with many features that have been unlocked, it is extremely attractive.

Allow free download

When you come to this Fermata Auto APK you will be delighted to use it without worrying about being limited when streaming. Meet all the needs of users when coming to the application. Allows you to download for free. With a user-optimized interface designed to make it easy to use without worrying about any problems that occur during playback. And allows you to customize the parameters to match the device that you play right on this platform.


With this audio and video player will give you unlimited playback with simple controllers easy to use. In order to hit the psychology of users who prefer simple and convenient, this application is enough. Make you have a fun moment playing your favorite music or videos.

AAAD Fermata Auto APK

Real experience and Advantages / Disadvantages of app Fermata Auto Control APK

Practical application experience

The ultra-sharp visibility and vivid sound made it possible for me to enjoy the relaxing space when I could play through the devices. The great thing that is in the app that I like very much is the ability to play anytime and anywhere without worrying about being limited. Also allows you to live streaming and offline with many attractive play media. It's one of the key factors to convince me to download this generator platform!


  • Regular updates with multiple versions.
  • Sharp image quality.
  • APK format helps users download easily.


  • Always keep the internet when playing.
  • Should choose the right file for installation.

FAQs about Fermata Auto 1.9.2 APK app

Download this app at is it safe?

Yes, downloading the app at this website is very safe. You can rest assured about this, we always update the latest versions for you.

Fermata Auto Control APK

How to download an app?

Fermata Auto APK download in a simple way right in this article. In each article we always provide a path so that you can access the download and follow that guide to install the application as an APK file for the device.

Configure requests to run the app

The app requires you to use a device with a configuration of 6.0 or more to be compatible with many other connections.

Does the application require an internet connection?

Yes, you need an internet connection and keep them stable throughout the use of the application.


Fermata Auto APK allows you to play any one song or video from the app to other devices. What you need to pay attention to is that whatever device it is, it must use the Android operating system or the Android emulator. Download this latest version so you can experience the best features of the application for free.

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