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Exambro Mod APK 9.6rev (Free Purchase, Bisa Keluar, Latest Version)

Nov 27, 2023

Exambro Mod APK innovates online exams with a secure platform for educators and students.

Name Exam Browser 2024 - Exambro
Updated 2024-01-08
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 9.6rev
Size 12 MB
MOD Free Purchase, Bisa Keluar, Latest Version
Category Education
Price Free
Google Play Link

Discover Exambro Mod APK | Revolutionizes Online Exams with Enhanced Security and Innovative Features for Users

In the realm of contemporary education, the advent of computer-based exams has become increasingly prevalent. No longer confined to traditional pen-and-paper assessments, students and educators are embracing digital platforms to conduct exams efficiently. In this technological landscape, a noteworthy player emerges – the Exambro Mod APK.

Exambro Mod APK

Exambro stands as a solution tailored to the needs of online tests, imparting an unbroken experience for each instructor and college student. Unlike its conventional counterparts, this application comes filled with features designed now not simply to streamline the exam technique but also to cope with the perennial trouble of cheating. Before delving into the intricacies, let's explore why this utility has garnered interest inside the realm of virtual tests.

Overview of Exam Browser Mod APK

So, what precisely is Exambro? Simply placed, it's an academic software mainly crafted for online assessments. In a world in which educational opinions are an increasingly number of virtual, Exambro steps in as a versatile tool that caters to the desires of each educator and newcomer. Its wonderful advantage lies within the capacity to minimize cheating at some stage in tests, a chronic venture confronted by way of educational establishments.

For the ones keen on exploring the software, it is noteworthy to mention that Exambro offers a changed version, improving consumer enjoyment with extra functions. The emphasis here is not simply on facilitating tests but on reworking the complete assessment manner into a secure, efficient, and technologically superior enjoy.

Attractive Point of Exambro Mod APK For Android

The standout feature that immediately captures attention is the app locker integrated into the app. This is no ordinary locker; it's a strategic tool aimed at curbing unauthorized access during exams. Students find themselves confined within the application, unable to open any other apps, including potential sources of information or assistance. From a trainer's attitude, this translates right into a powerful tool to minimize the hazard of dishonesty for the duration of online checks.

Download Exambro Mod APK

Attractive Features of Exambro Mod APK Latest Version

Equipped with Smartphone Locker

Let's delve deeper into the smartphone locker feature. Picture this: you're a student engrossed in an online exam using the app. No more surreptitious glances at other apps; the focus remains squarely on the exam. While it might seem restrictive from a student's viewpoint, educators hail it as a game-changer, ensuring the integrity of the examination process.

Questions Can Come from Gform or Office 365 Forms

Another feather in Exambro's cap is its compatibility with major platforms like Gform and Office 365 Forms. Teachers, often grappling with the challenge of creating cheat-resistant questions, can seamlessly import questions from these platforms. This not handiest simplifies the manner however also adds a further layer of safety, making it harder for college kids to exploit common loopholes.

Camera Feature Available

Imagine a scenario where capturing information during an exam is not only allowed but encouraged. Exambro introduces a camera feature designed for this purpose. Students can take pictures of notes or relevant material during the exam, creating a dynamic and interactive approach to assessments. It's a function that aligns with the modern-day, tech-savvy mastering surroundings.

Note Feature Supported

For those averse to traditional note-taking, the app offers a digital alternative. The note feature allows students to record information in soft file format, adapting to the preferences of an increasingly advanced era. Whether you're tired of writing or simply prefer the efficiency of digital notes, Exambro has you covered.

Sketch Feature for Drawing Anything

Taking digital notes a step further, Exambro introduces a sketch feature. Students armed with stylus pens can effortlessly create doodles, illustrations, or even detailed notes directly within the application. It's a nod to diverse learning styles, accommodating those who find expression through drawing or visual aids.

Riyu Exambro Mod APK

Sending Images and Emojis During Exams

Exams can be stressful, and Exambro Mod APK Free Purchase acknowledges this by allowing users to send emojis or images during the assessment. A touch of humor or an expressive emoji can serve as a unique stress-relief mechanism. However, a word of caution – moderation is key to maintaining focus during critical exam moments.

Ad Remover Feature

Ads have become ubiquitous in many applications, including Exambro. But fear not, for the modified version of Exambro Mod APK Bisa Keluar comes equipped with an ad remover feature. Say goodbye to interruptions and distractions; this feature ensures an ad-free environment, creating an optimal space for focused learning and assessment.

Actual Experience, Advantages, and Disadvantages

User Review on

Let's tap into the real experiences of users on Three distinct voices echo the sentiments of those who've ventured into the Riyu Exambro Mod APK realm.

User 1: "Exambro has been a game-changer in my online exams. The app locker ensures I'm laser-focused during assessments. No more distractions, just me and the exam."

User 2: "As a teacher, importing questions seamlessly from Gform and Office 365 Forms has simplified my exam creation process. Exambro is a valuable tool that strikes the right balance between innovation and security."

User 3: "The sketch feature is a gem! I can jot down notes and doodle directly within the app. It provides an entirely new size to my mastering enjoyment. Plus, the ad remover in the mod version is a game-changer!"


  • Enhanced Security: The smartphone locker feature ensures a focused exam environment, reducing the chances of cheating.
  • Seamless Question Import: Compatibility with major platforms like Gform and Office 365 Forms allows teachers to effortlessly import questions, enhancing the integrity of exams.
  • Versatile Camera Feature: The camera feature aids students in capturing relevant material during exams, fostering a dynamic learning experience.
  • Digital Note-Taking: The note feature provides a digital alternative to traditional note-taking, catering to the preferences of modern learners.
  • Interactive Sketching: The sketch feature allows for doodling and note-taking directly within the app, accommodating diverse learning styles.


  • Perceived Restrictions: The smartphone locker feature, while enhancing security, might be perceived as restrictive from a student's standpoint.
  • Dependency on Tech: The digital nature of Exambro assumes a certain level of tech proficiency, potentially posing a challenge for users less comfortable with technology.
  • Potential Distractions: While the ability to send emojis and images during exams can be stress-relieving, there's a risk of distractions if not used judiciously.

Exambro Mod APK Bisa Keluar


Exambro Mod APK proves to be more than just an exam tool; it's a catalyst for a transformative learning experience. From enhanced security measures to versatile features like note-taking and sketching, it caters to the evolving needs of both educators and students. The user reviews on reflect a positive sentiment, underlining the practical advantages of this application.

While acknowledging certain perceived restrictions and potential distractions, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. Exambro, especially in its modified version, offers a holistic solution to the challenges posed by online exams. So, if you're ready to embrace a new era of digital assessments, consider giving Exambro a try. Download Exambro Mod APK and embark on a journey where exams become an opportunity for growth rather than a source of stress.

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