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DroidCam Pro APK 6.12 (Paid for Free, Android Webcam for PC)

Jul 12, 2023

DroidCam Pro APK is an application that turns your Android phone into a dedicated webcam.

Name DroidCamX - HD Webcam for PC
Updated 2023-09-28
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 6.12
Size 10 MB
MOD Paid for Free, Android Webcam for PC
Category Photography
Developer Dev47Apps
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is it safe to download this app?

Download DroidCam APK will be safe. This app has been moderated from various appraisal departments related to the electronic field. And the application has also been pre-tested with some actual users to test the level of reliability and experience process. Until now, the application almost remedies common errors and users still use it very smoothly on Android phone devices.

DroidCam Pro APK

DroidCam Pro APK - Tools that support using webcams using Android phones

You are looking forward to turning your smartphone into a webcam that works with a computer. This aims to serve your working and learning needs to become more convenient. No need to search far away, DroidCam Pro APK is a great choice for you. This is the application that allows you to turn your Android phone into a dedicated webcam, it will make easier video calls. This application is very safe and convenient for users in the current age of technology. Please continue to follow the information below to know more about the use of this application.

General Introduction to app DroidCam Pro APK

DroidCamx APK is software that can turn your mobile device into a wireless webcam. So that you can chat with friends without having to have other devices to use via Zoom, Meet, Skype so that you get interesting communication space.

At the same time, this application you can use in conjunction with the OBS and XSplit platform which makes it possible to easily have conversations catering to very convenient work. Also allows you to use webcam IP. Support users can easily convert internet browsers into a play screen and enjoy video.

A great platform when you can turn them into a personal computer. With this application you can easily navigate the webcam on the computer in a simple way, granting permission for you to connect to an Android device. Make it easy to chat with people with video calls, dialogues and voice calls with an app. If you need a webcam, this is the right software for you. So this is the app that makes it possible to convert into smart webcams.

DroidCam OBS APK

Support user connect phone by Wifi or USB

DroidCam Pro APK will allow you to connect easily with two different stages. You just need to download and access the software, you can connect your phone or tablet running Android in a simple way. Allows you to Connect Wifi or USB via two icons in the corner of the computer's screen. You just need to select and wait for the connection to the PC and accept the request from the application then you can immediately chat. The connection process will be successfully displayed and you will place your phone and PC Device within a 3m limit distance. To help your transmission can always be smooth without interference by other problems. So you can build a stand for your phone to get the perspective you want. If you feel the image is not clear, the brightness is poor, then you only choose the focus point, then the image will be clear again. In addition, you can use The Flash to be able to provide enough light for your video chat.

High image and sound quality, more customization and more controls

DroidCam OBS APK is a completely free platform that allows you to use it for PC. But in this app you will be owning a quality display completely free. Images transmitted over the phone to the computer will be very sharp and have many interesting extreme motion effects. With smooth ability gives users great feeling with high quality. DroidCam OBS Pro APK also allows you to use up to HD resolution, along with ultra-clear audio streaming. There are many interesting features that you need to explore.

Additional video mirror, rotation, contrast, sharpness

DroidCamx Pro APK also gives users the ability to chat directly without adding mic to save you time and get extremely attractive conversation. In addition, Droid Cam X APK allows you to customize various modes such as rotation, brightness adjustment, and contrast so that the image display is sharp. Give users the best experience. So this is a great camera connection platform that you should not ignore.

DroidCamx APK

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of app Droidcam APK Download

Practical experience of this application

This app is great. It helped me a lot in the process of handling work on the computer when there was no webcam. I took advantage of this app to video call and exchange my work. The features included in this application are very convenient and almost all of it has been optimized with the most modern technology today. This app is really useful, if you have not found the support webcam tool can install this app to use instead. I will use it for a long time and hope that the publisher will have more outstanding updated versions.


  • Very easy to install and use
  • Provide HD image quality, high quality sound
  • Do not require too high hardware
  • Convenience meets the needs of users for many activities of life


  • Requires a strong and stable internet connection so that the application works best
  • It is possible that it will cause problems delaying the actual image during use, which is partly due to the user's internet connection

Download DroidCam Pro APK for Android


DroidCam Pro APK becomes a powerful assistant for many users to serve the needs of work or any problems that need to use the camera on the computer. The application offers a lot of features for users to experience the maximum for their many activities. Always ensure quality, safety and security for users. Download DroidCam Pro APK for Android right now to make it possible to attend meetings or make a video call to someone is easy on the computer. The application allows users to experience for free unlimited pro features. Install now for fun use.

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