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Dogas Hole House
Dogas Hole House

Dogas Hole House Mod APK 1.0 (For Android, Latest Version)

May 19, 2023

Dogas Hole House Mod APK gives players many new and stimulating experiences. Learn more about this simulation game below!

Name Dogas Hole House
Updated 2023-05-19
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.0
Size 74 MB
MOD For Android, Latest Version
Category Simulation
Developer Oo Kyi Myo Myint
Price Free
Google Play Link

Dogas Hole House Mod APK – Exciting Simulation Game

If you love simulation games, then Dogas Hole House Mod APK is one of the games you should not miss. There are so many stimulating and exciting events that you should experience. Hot girls, fun mini-games that will make you unable to leave. Romance challenges are giving you a hard time and you have to overcome it. Check out the interesting shares below!

About Dogas Hole House Mod APK

Dogas Info Hole House Mod APK is one of the most impressive simulation games you can join. Maybe you'll be hooked and stuck in the game. It contains too many exciting and alluring stimuli.

Gioco Hole House APK

Dogas Hole House Mod APK brings a new experience by challenges that require you to show your romantic skills. Players need to discover various charm skills and show off attractive expressions in order for the hotel to do better business.

The plot is quite attractive when your hotel is increasingly not doing well. This simulation game allows you to show all your top seduction skills to keep customers. Your extraordinary work can save the hotel in perilous times.

The hotel needs to attract more beautiful and hot staff so that more customers can stay. Challenging recruitment criteria make the girls in Gioco Hole House APK all the best.

How to play Dogas Hole House Mod APK

The player's task is to find beautiful girls and help them revive the hotel after the crisis. Show them what they should and can do to retain customers. You can start your journey through the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Use the key and door handle to enter the house.

  • Step 2: On the table, you will see a piece of paper; take that piece of paper and place it in the pre-designed slot in the room.

  • Step 3: Completing this work, you reach four beautiful women. Try to convince them as soon as possible

Hole House Mod APK Latest Version

  • Step 4: Take your cell phone from the left side of the sword, examine it and read the task your boss gave you.

There are many attractive and stimulating requests, such as massaging them to be able to recruit them to work or more. If the girls have financial need, you also have to help them with your little money. In short, you need to do your best to complete every challenge.

Outstanding features of Dogas Hole House Mod APK

Hole House Android Mod APK really resonates not only with its unique gameplay but also by many interesting features. Players can use these features and advantages for more novel entertainment.

Attractive costumes for the characters

Each character in Hole House Online Mod APK has a different outfit. Their body structure is also very unique so it comes with matching outfits.

Players can learn about their body structure and choose to buy appropriate costumes. Make yourself as attractive as possible. You can also choose to buy more cosmetics to make yourself more beautiful. It's free.

Premium Unlock

Besides Hole House Mod APK Latest Version, the premium version has appeared. Players have access to more unique features for a great experience. Moreover, here players can also use huge money to upgrade and customize the hotel to attract more people.

Hole House Android Mod APK

However, you may have to pay a small fee to extend these premium features.


In order for players to have a completely natural and enjoyable experience, the publisher has integrated many different languages. When playing Dogas Hole House Mod APK you can choose the language you are fluent in. Players can choose language options such as English, French, Italian, etc. There are 18 different languages in the world that you can use.

No ads

A lot of people feel annoyed when ads appear. Dogas Hole House Mod APK developer has prevented that with a special installation program. You can start your game without worrying about being interrupted. Any problems can be resolved quickly if you have more comments to the publisher.

Easy to use interface

Dogas Hole House Mod APK provides players with an easy-to-use interface. Players can make many personal customizations to make this mod more unique. Your playing experience is enhanced by publisher updates and upgrades. This mod guarantees responsiveness, easy controls and exciting sounds for players.

Hole House Mod APK Latest Version

Download game Hole House Mod APK for Android

If you love exploring really impressive simulation games, you should not ignore Dogas Hole House Mod APK. It really brings many unforgettable experiences. You can be impressed with the beautiful girls or the way they work. If you want to download this mod you can use our link. It's completely safe and free!


If you are passionate about simulation games, your top choice is Dogas Hole House Mod APK. It really has a very special attraction because of its gameplay and beautiful, unique characters. Players will improve their romantic skills and ability to attract others. Your seduction skills will be put to full use for the best results!

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