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Dogas Doraemon X
Dogas Doraemon X

Dogas Doraemon X APK 0.8 (Full Game, for Android)

May 13, 2023

Dogas Doraemon X APK deserves an action role-playing game for you to kill time. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fantasy world of intelligent robot cat Doraemon?

Name Dogas Doraemon X
Updated 2023-05-13
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 0.8
Size 70 MB
MOD Full Game, for Android
Category Role Playing
Developer hotmilk Patreon
Price Free
Google Play Link

Dogas Doraemon X APK and childhood reminiscences from it

Game Doremon is a widely developed game genre based on the story of the intelligent robot cat Doremon. We must not be anyone who does not know the intelligent robot cat Doraemon, right? Doraemon's intelligence and kindness will make it hard for you to ignore the game genres related to this famous character! Dogas Doraemon X APK will definitely help you have great relaxing moments.

Overview of Dogas Doraemon X APK

You will be able to relax and play games based on the characters in the renowned narrative - Doraemon - for a while if you have a lot of nice Doraemon games. Dogas Doraemon X APK is one of the greatest and most intriguing games for active boys in the role-playing, dramatic action genre.

Doraemon X 0.7 APK

Dogas Doraemon X is an action platformer based on the Doraemon anime series. In this game, 21st-century robot canines and their robot masterminds have abducted the robotic cat Doraemon from the future. You must use the materials Doraemon left for Nobita to save Doraemon, his mother, Shizuka, and Doraemi. Fly about in your bamboo pinwheel hat, shooting bullets at foes. Try to complete all the levels and have as much fun as you can!

The outstanding features of Doraemon X Game APK you should know

Doraemon X Game contains many attractive features that we are sure you will be addicted to them.

Roleplaying the character Nobita

Players will assume the character of Nobita, who has recently turned 18 in Doraemon X Mod APK. Nobita must change for the better and begin attempting to save people who are dear to you. You should boost your strength after acquiring Doraemon's assistance supplies. What will Nobita do with these life changes?The surrounding events and difficulties have the potential to defeat Nobita.

Download game Doraemon X APK for Android

No ads

Doraemon X 0.7 APK includes the ability to delete third-party adverts, so you will seldom see them on your screen. It does not need a great deal of seriousness or bustle on the part of the user. If we locate it, you may also download the changed version from our website.

The ads and banners that appear after each time you complete a Doreamon challenge are gone. You will begin to relax and maintain the journey to rescue the characters Shizuka, Deaki, Chaiko without any interruption.

Solve 100 puzzles

In the game Doraemon X APK 0.7 latest version, the player must solve puzzles, overcome barriers, and conquer obstacles and issues in order to move to the next level. Along the route, the player can engage with Doraemon characters Shizuka, Chaien, Chaiko, and Suneo. Each problem comprises an action and a mission with a different Doraemon character.

2D graphic design

The lively and clean design of Doraemon X APK 2023 v1.0 latest version for Android makes it one of the most fascinating games. Aside from the game's 2D animation style, its realistic setting is full with distinctive and fantastic flare that anime and manga enthusiasts will like.

Doraemon X Mod APK

Doraemon X Game APK is particularly well-known for its excellent gameplay, which entails frequent close connection. The riddles are balanced with action, and the stages are difficult but not too difficult, making the game accessible to all players.

In addition to the basic experience mode, the app has a slew of secret missions with massive payouts. Players may finish and earn money in the game by participating in one of five minigames.

Its gags and connections are guaranteed to attract fans of anime and manga series. This game is definitely worth a look because of its fantastic visuals, intriguing graphics, and frequent involvement.

Download game Doraemon X APK for Android

Doraemon X APK, a mobile game, has a lot of features for players to enjoy. One of the game's most notable characteristics is that the player assumes the role of Nobita. You will go through many levels. You must overcome obstacles and solve riddles to proceed to the next level. The 2D motion style of the game is comparable to the first anime and manga series.

Doraemon X APK 0.7 latest version

Fans of the franchise will also appreciate the game's distinct and user-friendly interface. The game strikes a decent mix between puzzle solving and activities. Overall, the levels are demanding, but not too difficult; any player can play the game. We believe you should use our website to obtain Dogas Doraemon X APK in a secure and timely manner.

Final thoughts

Are you an anime lover seeking for a game with an appealing subject, top-tier visuals, characters, and a compelling plot? Then Dogas Doraemon X APK is a name you should remember. This game will provide incredibly appealing encounters with lovely waifu females that male gamers will be unable to tear their gaze away from.

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