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Day R Survival
Day R Survival

Day R Survival Mod APK 1.802 (Premium Unlocked, Free Shopping)

Jun 28, 2023

Day R Survival Mod APK is set in an apocalyptic place after a few days of riots, you have to survive in that very environment and survive to the end. Discover now.

Name Day R Survival: Last Survivor
Updated 2024-02-20
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.802
Size 152 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked, Free Shopping
Category Role Playing
Developer Rmind Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Day R Survival Mod APK - Adventure to become the last survivor when the apocalypse happens

If you like fighting and survival genres then Day R Survival Mod APK will bring you an engaging game. Let you immerse yourself in this fascinating adventure in this vast combat world. This game is loved and loved by many users with a very high load. Players need to build combat to be able to shoot down enemies to protect peace and become the ultimate survivor.

Players will begin to engage in the near-apocalyptic world with many explosive wars, as it is contaminated with radiation, so they fight for life very fiercely. Because there are many things that will affect your life such as hunger, radiation, and plague raging. So you have to show your survival skills in the big open world. The game for you can download for free on Android platforms. Follow the article below so you can know more about this exciting game!

Day R Survival Mod APK

About Day R Survival Premium Mod APK

Day R Survival Mod APK is a survival adventure game to become the ultimate survivor. The game with terrible gray matter investment and simulation of a very real post-apocalyptic world. Players who participate will experience the feeling of being close to the boundaries of life and death very interesting. These feelings will make your play more dramatic. Nothing is impossible and fantasy about that place, that day is what helps me survive. Players must do their best to be able to find the opportunity to live for themselves and survive in a desolate place.

For the Day R Premium Mod APK version there will be a lot of challenges for players to overcome. Your main task is to survive in the context of the apocalyptic world. After just a few days, your family is lost and now does not know whether it is alive or lost. Players will take on the role of one of the survivors and start the journey of survival, search for relatives, perform a lot of other activities to be able to survive to the end.

For now, now around you seems to be a pristine setting left with only items, trees and Alpine hills. You have to be strong to cross the forest, wading streams in search of food to heal your hungry belly. The search for life and family is still very hard ahead. Therefore, you always have to be confident with yourself and have faith in finding the way to rescue yourself.

Day R Survival Premium Mod APK

It's unique when you are entitled to Day R Survival Mod APK Free Shopping in this game campus. You can buy weapons, items in a comfortable way to destroy Wolves and other animals for your food. You must always be careful and careful against the onslaught of dangerous animals in the forest. In the evening, you need to look for many trees for heating fires to avoid cold weather that affects health. This is very important so that you have the spirit to continue to fight with more difficulties out there. Day R Survival Mod APK Unlimited Everything will bring you many different emotions, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, also when desperate for current problems. But deep inside your mind always has the eternal energy to fight all the challenges of this life and you must definitely survive to the end.

Features of Day R Survival: Last Survivor Mod APK

Background of war

When coming to this Day R Survival Mod APK game players will experience the idea from the former Soviet country and start their own survivability among the survivors. After you have overcome the trials of war, disaster leaves you in no hurry to be safe because everything around you can do damage to you. So you have to use your strategic skills to be able to survive to fight zombies and monstrous creatures. The game will give you a realistic simulation world with many unexpected situations that you need to handle and seize the opportunity to be able to destroy the killing is everywhere.

Weapons manufacturing

Starting this Day R Survival Mod APK Premium Unlocked game you will have to go in search of food to maintain life and strengthen. Players will begin to move to various locations to collect items to build weapons. The game gives you a system of training, here you can do what you can to create defensive weapons for yourself. Day R Survival Mod APK allows you to use the whole lab to be able to study the biological and chemical weapons full of high damage.

Day R Premium Mod APK

Useful mode

You are a beginner player, you will discover this game will be attracted to the world full of attractions in War Mode. With many intriguing episodes and giving you attractive game modes you can change the season according to your wishes. Also, allows you to play with multiple locations above the vast map. It is essential that you start hunting animals on other territories, which can injure you. It is even more interesting to be able to explore abandoned tall buildings or shelters, find and build weapons.

Coming to this game players will start into battle with vivid design. Give players a realistic simulation world with the fight between the killers. Download Day R Survival Mod APK for Android right to build a mighty team to kill live and rebuild civilization right now.

Download Day R Survival Mod APK for Android


Day R Survival Mod APK is a game that leaves a lot of questions and emotions for players. Play this game as you are dying to come back to life, experiencing a lot of scary scenery but leaving a strong mark in your heart. It will not deny its attraction to many gamers because of the powerful survival action gameplay, the will to resist superior to all challenges in the world. If you are in a bad mood or want to find a game to relieve then try it now with Day R Survival Mod. Promise not to make you regret it.

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