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Cupixel APK 9.0.0 (AI Art And AR Tracing, Pro Unlocked)

Oct 23, 2023

Cupixel APK is an art app merging AI and AR for all-level artists, redefining digital creativity.

Name Cupixel: AR Trace & Classes
Updated 2024-03-05
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 9.0.0
Size 55 MB
MOD AI Art And AR Tracing, Pro Unlocked
Category Art & Design
Developer Cupixel Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Unleash Your Inner Artist with Cupixel APK | The Ultimate Digital Art Creation Experience

In a digital age where creativity meets technology, the Cupixel APK emerges as a beacon for aspiring and seasoned artists alike. Gone are the days when artistic expression required a studio filled with paint, brushes, and canvases. With the app, your digital device transforms into a canvas, your finger or stylus becomes the brush, and an entire palette of colors is available at your fingertips. This revolutionary app doesn't just let you create art; it breaks down the traditional obstacles and redefines the method of inventive advent, making it reachable to all and sundry.

Cupixel APK

Overview of The App

Cupixel is not your ordinary art app. Developed by Cupixel Inc., this powerhouse stands out in the vast sea of graphic and design apps. It encapsulates everything you need for your artistic journey. Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of art or you're an experienced artist looking for a digital advantage, the Cupixel Create Art APK is your all-in-one creative companion.

This app is more than a digital sketchpad. Its unique blend of cutting-edge technology, like AI Art and AR Tracing, opens up a world of possibilities, enabling users to craft detailed and captivating artwork with ease. The user-friendly interface is the cherry on top, ensuring a smooth, intuitive, and, most importantly, fun creative process.

Attractive Points of The App

What draws people to the app? For starters, it's the welcoming nature of the app. You don't need a degree in fine arts or years of practice to start your artistic journey here. The app is designed to cater to artists at every degree, imparting a platform where all of us can create and share their artwork with self-belief.

Moreover, the app understands that inspiration comes in various forms.  That's why it presents a wide variety of tools and functions, making sure that users don't feel restrained or confined in their innovative expressions. From the freedom to draw from personal photos to exploring new art styles, Cupixel encourages users to think outside the box and explore new artistic horizons.

The Attractive Features of The App

Diving deeper, Cupixel APK Latest Version's features are what truly set it apart. Let's break them down:

Cupixel Create Art APK

AI Art and AR Tracing

The integration of AI and AR technologies in the app is nothing short of a game-changer. The AI Art feature in Cupixel AI Art And AR Tracing APK goes beyond basic filters and effects; it uses advanced algorithms to transform your everyday photos into stunning pieces of art. It's like having a personal art assistant that highlights the best attributes of your photos, turning them into unique artworks.

Then there's the AR Tracing feature, a godsend for those who might struggle with drawing. This feature uses your device's camera to impose a digital image onto a real-world surface, allowing you to trace drawings or designs with precision. It's no longer just about making the manner simpler; it is about presenting a strong foundation upon which you can refine and construct your abilities.

Diverse Creative Arsenal

With the app, boredom is not an option. The app offers an intensive collection of artist-guided courses, masking a wide range of subject matters. Want to comic strip your pet, recreate a beautiful landscape, or deliver a delusion creature to life? Cupixel APK For Android has you blanketed. These publications are not simply tutorials; they're pathways to new sorts of expression and creativity. Each route is an adventure, guiding you little by little, ensuring you are no longer just creating artwork, but additionally mastering and growing as an artist.

Integration with Gallery and Large-Scale Art Creation

Your photos aren't just memories; they're potential artworks waiting to be realized. The app allows you to integrate images from your gallery, offering tools to transform these pictures into artistic masterpieces. The large-scale art creation feature takes things up a notch, accommodating expansive creations up to 16" x 20". This is particularly impressive, considering it's all happening on your digital device! The drag and scale tool further enhances this feature, ensuring your lines are accurate, and your creations are exactly how you envision them.

Cupixel App

User-Friendly Interface

Last but not least, the user-friendly interface of Cupixel ensures your focus remains where it should be – on your art. The intuitive design of the app makes navigation a breeze, even for those new to digital art platforms. Everything you need is just a tap away, from choosing colors to selecting different brushes or accessing various courses. It's this simplicity and ease of use that elevate the entire artistic process, making the app a preferred choice for artists worldwide.

Actual Experience and Pros/Cons of The App

Diving into the Cupixel app gives a sense of entering an artist's digital haven. The first thing users will notice after they download the app is its sleek, uncluttered interface. It's clear, clean, and doesn’t overwhelm — a nod to designers who know the creative mind needs space to breathe.


  • Simplicity is Key: Right from the start, simplicity is Cupixel's greatest strength. You're no longer bombarded with excessive alternatives; alternatively, it's about exploring and knowledge as you cross, which is a remedy for novices and a breath of sparkling air for execs.
  • Guided Tutorials: The step-by-step art courses are not just instructional. They're like having a patient teacher guiding you through each stroke, enhancing your skills, and giving valuable insights into the world of art.
  • High-Quality Output: The artworks you create are stunning in detail and resolution. The final pieces are more than just 'acceptable digital art' — they can be printed and framed with pride.


  • Internet Dependency: One downside is that to access all features, you need a stable internet connection. While you can work on your projects offline, the full range of tools comes to life with online connectivity.
  • Limited Free Version: The free version is quite limited, which is understandable. To truly unlock your potential, you'll want the Cupixel APK Full package, which comes with a price.

FAQs About Download Cupixel APK

Can I use Cupixel without any prior art experience?

Absolutely, Cupixel is designed for both art novices and seasoned artists. The step-by-step guides help beginners, while professionals can leverage advanced tools.

Do I need an internet connection to use Cupixel? 

While basic functions are available offline, a connection is required for full access to all features, including tutorials and online galleries.

Is Cupixel free to download?

Yes, downloading the app is free, but there's a premium version available for purchase that unlocks more advanced features and tools.

Can I share my Cupixel creations on social media?

Definitely! Cupixel allows you to share your artwork directly through various social media platforms right from the app.

How does the AR tracing function enhance my art creation? 

AR tracing simplifies drawing complex objects by projecting a digital outline onto your physical drawing surface, which you can trace or use as a guide.

User Feedback and Reception

Scouring through the internet, you'll find that Cupixel boasts overwhelmingly positive reviews. Users rave about how it has made creating art a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Seasoned artists appreciate the precision and control the app offers, while beginners love the guided approach that helps them grow from scribblers to artists.

However, a common wish among users is for a one-time purchase option for the full version, rather than the existing subscription model. This feedback seems to be a minor hiccup in an otherwise highly appreciated artistic tool.

Cupixel AI Art And AR Tracing APK

Comparison with Other Similar Apps

When pitted against other art apps, Cupixel stands out for its unique blend of user-friendly interface and advanced technology. While other apps focus on either professional artists or offer very basic tools for casual doodling, Cupixel finds the sweet spot in between. It embraces both ends of the spectrum, offering professional-level tools with the simplicity every novice desires.

Moreover, the AR tracing technology is a standout feature not commonly found in other art apps. This innovative tool alone sets Cupixel apart, offering a tangible edge in creating detailed and accurate artwork.


In the panorama of digital art applications, Cupixel APK emerges as a revolutionary game-changer. It demolishes the barriers to the art world and invites everyone in with open arms. Whether art is your lifelong passion or a newfound hobby, the app unlocks a world of creativity you never thought possible on a digital device. From its advanced AI Art and AR Tracing technology to its simple, clean interface, Cupixel offers a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication. Its technique of artwork advent democratizes the process, making sure that everybody, regardless of skill degree, can produce paintings they're pleased with. So, why wait? Your canvas awaits. Download it and begin your amazing experience today!

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