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Cash Prank Maker
Cash Prank Maker

Cash Prank Maker APK 5.0 (Android App)

Jul 18, 2023

Cash Prank Maker APK is an application to create fake money to joke with people around.

Name Cash Prank Maker
Updated 2023-07-18
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 5.0
Size 15 MB
MOD Android App
Category Entertainment
Developer The Native Citizens
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is it safe to download this app?

This Cash Prank App Download is very safe. This application has been censored by specialists with relevant expertise and completed security stages for the user's device. Besides, users can rest assured because this app already has a lot of other users' access to download for use. After some time of use, they have left very good feedback on this application. The publisher is committed to the security of your information and rights when you have trusted using this application.

Cash Prank Maker APK

Cash Prank Maker APK - Create fake money payments for entertainment

Cash Prank Maker APK is the transfer image creation app to troll friends. Make it possible for the user to edit the account balance with any value that you desire. So the app will give you fun moments of fun with friends with pranks from the app. You can download it for free on the platform completely free on the Android platform. Follow the article below to better understand the application to create virtual money troll friends now!

Highlights of Cash Prank Maker APK app

Cash Prank App APK is an entertaining app so users can use it to create fake transactions and payments for the purpose of poking out their friends or relatives. With this application, users can perform a lot of interesting activities. You can use the commands provided in the app to generate a large amount of money and take a picture of it to send to your friends.

This app allows you to share fake screenshots about transferring money to family and friends. You can pretend to be rich by showing people how much fake money you have. You can impress people who put money more than everything else with this app. Create fake screenshots of money transfers and trick your friends. Make fun of the people around you. This tool creates so that you can entertain and satisfy the feeling of seeing a lot of fake money in your account. This application is used by many users to perform fake money creation operations and then take photos sent to everyone around.

Cash Prank App APK

Users can create fake money to increase their account balance

Fake Cash Prank App APK will allow users to create fake message data to troll friends with multiple formats. When you can fake your account balance to be able to deceive the people you want to share. Allows you to change or customize the image of the invoice you want to create such as transfer date, transferee, transaction code, content, beneficiary, transaction code you will be self-tailored that makes others believe and persuade you to succeed.

So you can create any balance you want for your account without worrying about being limited. Happy to have moments full of fun and extremely fun jokes with your friends. This will be the application that makes it possible to create laughter with stressful working moments. This is also considered as an entertainment platform for you to relax. Currently you can use this app for purposes such as sharing the bill images to live virtual and show off the social networking platform. But don't take advantage of them for bad purposes, so use the platform that fits your purpose so that everyone around you can have fun.

Easily create quick bill transfer photos in less than 1 minute

Cash Prank Maker APK For Android supports users who can manually take photos and edit receipts honestly and make transactions instantly. Users will be very easy to transfer ultra-fast that makes others have to refine it. After the bill transfer is complete you can troll your friends and get them to be surprised with your joke. The app also supports the ability not to advertise so that users can get the experience without worrying about interruptions.

Cash Prank APK

Or problems that occur during the course of your use of this virtual bill transfer creation platform. Since the transfer has become very familiar to many users when regularly using bank accounts. So this app will help you to create extremely fast bill transfers with extremely accurate information that others can not know. The purpose of the app is to create fun and troll the people around to be entertained.

The interface is extremely simple, you can easily manage your products just created

Cash Prank Maker APK Latest Version is designed with an extremely simple interface so users can easily use it. With many features offered to users because the interface of the application is arranged very neatly so that you can easily search. The goal is that you can check the product you have created with your information to be able to encourage viewers. So this is a very suitable entertainment app for you to troll your friends.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of app Cash Prank  APK

Practical experience of this application

This application is very interesting and fun. I used this app to troll my friends by transferring them a huge amount of money. Sometimes I also use this app to create fake money in my account to show off to friends and they believe it is real. This app is the right place to create true jokes. If you want to joke with friends with money, you can refer to this application right away.

Cash Prank App Download


  • Easy view interface, easy control operation
  • You can create unlimited fake money
  • Send quick successful billing photos to prank others
  • Disadvantages

  • This is just a joke and you can't get this fake money to pay
  • Internet connection Android phone device for use


Cash Prank Maker APK is a prank app that creates fake money payments and snaps photos back to send to friends or relatives. The above article provides all the information about this application, if you are interested in these activities then you can immediately Download Cash Prank Maker APK at the site to make entertaining jokes. Please experience this app and leave feedback below comments offline.

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