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Cash Prank Maker
Cash Prank Maker

Cash Prank Maker APK 1.1 (App for Iphone & Android)

Jul 29, 2023

Cash Prank Maker APK is an app used to create fake transfer photos to share with everyone.

Name Cash Prank Maker - FakeMoney
Updated 2023-06-01
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.1
Size 5 MB
MOD App for Iphone & Android
Category Entertainment
Developer Pick Perfect Technologies
Price Free
Google Play Link

Cash Prank Maker APK - Create fake transfers and balances to joke with friends

In today's technological age, the use of money transfer applications has become more popular, fast and convenient than ever before. However, along with that development, fake money applications also appeared and virtual life purpose, showing off to relatives many people. Cash Prank Maker APK is an application that will help you create fake money transfer bills, making it possible for users to create fake money transfer bills with the same information and form as real bills. To learn more about this app please refer to the article below right away.

Cash Prank Maker APK

What is the Cash Prank Maker APK app?

Cash App Prank Maker APK is a prank app that can be used to laugh at friends and family by sharing fake transfer screenshots for them. The application allows you to make payments to your friends and family and makes them think that you had to pay for something. This emulator can be used right on your smartphone and allows users to create authentic fake bills to fool friends.

This is just an entertaining application that allows users to create bills, counterfeit money and other types of counterfeit assets. You can use this app to make jokes with friends or use in other situations like filming, taking pictures or demonstration. However, it can only be used for fun purposes, but it is not possible to transfer the real money with those fake images.

What will you do in Cash Prank App APK

Cash App Prank APK is the app that appeals to users by spectacular fooling by performing the behavior of creating transfer images or increasing the account balance significantly. You can imagine a huge amount of money and can easily create it right on your account. Done by editing numbers through this app and you will immediately have the desired number with your own account number. Your goal is to be able to use these images to prank your friends.

Indeed, once you have this app in hand, you can upgrade your balance to any number you want and can share it with anyone. You are fully capable of creating images that resemble real photos when transferring so that people can trust you. You can perform these images with your bank information and take a screenshot of them again as you yourself transferred them some money. In addition, users can edit the title and username displayed on the account to make it the most authentic.

Cash App Prank Maker APK

Key features of Cash Prank Maker APK app

Create unlimited amounts in your account

Cash Prank Maker Mod APK allows users to create any numbers in a fake account on this app. The account balance you've ever dreamed of will show right in front of your eyes so you can send it to your friends or relatives. Easily create quick balance fluctuations in less than two minutes, you just need to enter the desired amount and the system will calculate the full balance for you.

Edit information and create an image in a musical note

With this app, users easily create quick bill transfer photos in less than a minute, operation is extremely simple and easy to understand. All information on the bill will be displayed like a real bank transfer and this you can quickly edit according to the form available. Everything is so well groomed and real that it is also difficult for the viewer to recognize.

Free sharing to any platform

Cash Prank Maker for Iphone on App Store will provide live sharing of these photos to anyone and on any technology platform you want. Sharing to a personal page, private sharing to friends is very convenient and fast when just clicking on the share icon, selecting the person who wants to send can be completed immediately.

Cash Prank App APK

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of Cash Prank App download APK

Practical experience of this application

This app is very interesting and I used it to fool people around me. I used it to increase the amount of money in my account to a huge number and took a screenshot of it again on my social networking site. There were many friends who were surprised and admired me. This application with features and modern technology has created a very honest, unique joke. I am very impressed and feel this app is great.


  • Make fake money extremely excited and fool your friends
  • Edit and create unlimited numbers in your account
  • Create the same user information as the real account


  • The app is only for fun not real money
  • It is not allowed to be used in real transfer transactions
  • Use the internet continuously to experience this app

Download Cash Prank Maker APK for Android

FAQs about app Cash Prank Maker APK

Download this app at is it safe?

Download this app very securely from the website because this site specializes in sharing useful information, credibility and links to download trusted applications. This has been recognized and trusted by users around the world when downloading the application from here. Users after using have left a lot of very good comments.

How to download an app?

To download this app. Visit the website, then find the app name and click on the command to download it now. When the load is finished allow me to proceed with installation. Complete and can open up use now.

Configure requests to run the app

This app requires users to have Android 5.1 or higher devices to run smoothly.

Is this app free?

This app allows users around the world to use it for free.


Cash Prank Maker APK launches so that users can use it as a smart electronic tool to deceive people's vision. They will be attracted to the money in the photo and you will succeed in playing pranks on them. This app is very entertaining and you can use it to relax during times of stress. Download Cash Prank Maker APK for Android right at the website to make trolls funny through unlimited transfer photos.

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