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Blackhole Music
Blackhole Music

Blackhole Music APK v1.15.9 (VIP, All Unlocked, No Ads)

Oct 30, 2023

Blackhole Music APK is your ad-free Android music haven, merging tunes from popular platforms.

Name Blackhole Music
Updated 2023-10-30
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version v1.15.9
Size 30 MB
MOD VIP, All Unlocked, No Ads
Category Music & Audio
Developer Blackhole
Price Free
Google Play Link

Unlocking Musical Paradise with Blackhole Music APK | Discovers Ad-Free, High-Quality Tunes on Your Android Device

In an era where music is more than just entertainment, it's an everyday companion, finding the perfect music streaming app is like striking gold. Enter Blackhole Music APK, a fresh face in the world of music apps, promising to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience. With the promise of high-resolution music streaming right on your Android device, it's a new dawn for music lovers.

Blackhole Music APK

Overview of Black Hole APK

What exactly is Blackhole Music APK? Imagine a world where music flows uninterrupted, where ads don't barge in, and where subscriptions don't loom over your listening pleasure. This is the world Blackhole Music App APK creates. It’s not just about being attentive to music; it’s about experiencing it in its purest shape. With millions of songs across various genres at your fingertips, this app turns your smartphone into a musical haven.

Attractive Points of Blackhole Music APK For Android

It's not just the ad-free experience that makes Blackhole Music stand out. Think about having a musical time machine that lets you revisit the classics or stay current with the latest hits. You get to enjoy this diversity, thanks to its ability to import songs and playlists from popular platforms like Spotify and YouTube Music. And if that’s not enough, it's comforting to know that behind this app is a passionate developer who believes in the power of open-source. This isn’t just an app; it’s a community.

The Attractive Features of Black Hole Music APK

Free Download Support

Gone are the days when downloading music felt like a luxury. With Blackhole Music APK Download, it's a given. Download your favorite tracks or even entire playlists, and voila, you have an offline playlist ready for those internet-free zones.

Blackhole Music App APK

Import Music From Streaming Services

Ever wished you could merge your playlists from different streaming services? Blackhole APK Download makes this a reality. It lets you explore and import music from your favorite platforms. Whether it’s the Top Charts or Trending Music, you won't miss a beat.

User-Friendly UI

No one likes navigating through a maze. That's why Blackhole Music is designed with a clean and user-friendly interface. Attractive animations add a touch of elegance, making your music browsing experience not just easy but visually pleasing.

Customization Options

We all love a personal touch, and the app doesn't disappoint. From themes to player screen backgrounds, you get to play designer. Stream quality, download options, and even theme colors are at your discretion. Tailor your music experience just the way you like it.

Music Language Support

Music knows no language, and neither does Blackhole Music. Choose from a myriad of languages and explore musical gems from across the globe. Whether it's Hindi, English, or any other language, your preferred choice is just a setting away.

Support For Lyrics

Singing along to your favorite tunes just got easier. With lyrics support, you can hum, sing, or even have a karaoke session right from your app. Never miss a lyric again with this handy feature.

Free to Use

It’s rare to find quality that doesn’t cost a penny. It is a rare gem in that respect. No subscription, no hidden fees, and absolutely no ads. It’s free, in the truest sense of the word.

Blackhole Music APK Download

Huge Library

Whether it’s the old-school charm of classics or the fresh beats of new releases, Blackhole Music’s library is extensive. Explore songs throughout genres and languages, from Punjabi to Rajasthani, from pop to rock. The international song is great, and so is the collection on this app.

Sound Quality

Quality of sound is non-negotiable for true music lovers. It understands this and offers streaming quality options. From 96 kbps for those conserving data to 320 kbps for the audiophiles, the choice is yours.

Add Favorites

Everyone has favorites, and with Blackhole Music, you can have yours just a tap away. Add your beloved tracks to your favorites, and save yourself the hassle of searching them over and over again.

5. Actual Experience of the Author and Advantages/Disadvantages of the App

From the perspective of someone who has navigated countless music apps, the experience with it was genuinely refreshing. The ease of transitioning from other platforms was seamless. The thrill of rediscovering old classics and stumbling upon new hits was unmatched. The absence of ads was like a breath of fresh air. It’s a blend of nostalgia and novelty, all in one app.

User Review about the App

Review 1: "The app has been a game changer. I was tired of ads interrupting my music. This app provided the solution I needed. Simple, effective, and free!" – Emma G.

Review 2: "I love how I can import my playlists from Spotify. It's like having all my music in one place without any hassle. The sound quality options are a big plus for me." – Aiden T.

Review 3: "The user interface is clean and easy to navigate. I didn’t need to be tech-savvy to find my way around. The customization options made it feel more personal." – Sofia R.


  • Ad-Free Experience: Music without interruptions is a luxury, and Blackhole Music offers just that.
  • Huge Library: A vast collection of songs across various languages and genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Offline Listening: The ability to download and listen offline adds convenience, especially in low connectivity areas.


  • Limited Social Sharing Features: For those who love sharing their musical journey, the app could improve its social integration.
  • No Desktop Version: Currently limited to Android, those seeking a cross-platform experience might find this limiting.
  • Rare Occasional Glitches: Some users have reported minor glitches, though they are infrequent and usually resolved quickly.

FAQs about Blackhole Music App Download APK

Is it safe to download this app from

Yes, downloading it from this site is safe. The website ensures that the apps are free from malicious software.

How to download the app?

Just access the link below, and click on “download now”. Ensure your device allows installations from unknown sources in the settings.

Blackhole APK Download

Some Other Questions

  • Can I create playlists on the app?: Yes, you can create and customize your playlists.
  • Are there any hidden fees or in-app purchases?: No, the app is entirely free without any hidden costs or in-app purchases.
  • Is internet connectivity required for the app?: While internet connectivity is required for streaming, you can listen offline to downloaded content.
  • Can I import my playlist from other streaming services?: Yes, Blackhole Music allows you to import playlists from several popular streaming services.
  • Does the app offer high-quality streaming?: Yes, you can choose from different streaming quality options based on your preference.

Summary and Call for Downloads

In summary, Blackhole Music stands out as a robust, user-friendly music app that caters to the diverse needs of music enthusiasts. It's not just an app; it’s a doorway to an expansive musical universe, free of charge and free of ads. For those looking to enhance their music experience, downloading this app from is a step towards uninterrupted musical bliss.


In a world where music is often overshadowed by ads and hidden fees, Blackhole Music APK emerges as a beacon of simplicity and quality. Its comprehensive features, coupled with the benefits it gives, make it a compelling choice for every person with an Android tool. While it’s not without its drawbacks, the positives far outweigh the negatives. For those yearning for a seamless, enriched music experience, it is undoubtedly worth a try.

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