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Back To Earth Junkman
Back To Earth Junkman

Back To Earth Junkman APK 2.2.2 (Android Game)

Jul 26, 2023

Back To Earth Junkman APK is a strategy game to build your own civilization.

Name Back to Earth: Junkman!
Updated 2023-04-18
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 2.2.2
Size 170 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Casual
Developer PufferGame Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is it safe to download this game?

Download Back to Earth: Junkman! 2.2.2 is very safe for your device and gaming process. This proves the most obvious is that the game has been downloaded by a large number of users to play. After a while of experience, they returned to send positive feedback and appreciated this game. Therefore, you can also see the most realistic proof and recognition from the user. Rest assured, download this game for a smooth experience on your mobile phone.

Back To Earth Junkman APK

Back To Earth Junkman APK - Matches and journeys build your own empire

Back To Earth Junkman APK is a fascinating strategy game that gives players an exciting world of fighting. You will have to protect the culture you built on Earth from all the forces you want to destroy. Make a deep impression on the player when there are strategies in which you are bending to protect the world from epic battles between powerful enemies. You can download it for free on free Android platforms to enjoy this game. Follow the article below to learn more about this game now!

Things you need to know about Back To Earth Junkman APK

Junkman APK is a strategy game set in ancient legendary leadership Empires. The game brings the empire building gameplay quite familiar, prominent in terms of Epic graphics or attractive storyline but with attractive tasks, the diverse terrain that the game brings will definitely make you feel extremely attractive and satisfied when experiencing.

Players will have to overcome all the challenges and activities of the territorial framework of your choice to complete the goal of building a strong empire under your rule. Everything in this game from the character to the Citadel is designed in great detail. The mission in this game is very diverse demonstrating the heroic atmosphere, the launch words leading to fighting, fighting with powerful enemies increase the experience for players as in the context of real war time.

Junkman APK

Unique and creative gameplay to build a stunning civilization

Junkman Android APK offers to players a strategy game genre along with an epic battle system. So that you can deal with all the forces that are hindering you from building a civilization on Earth. With many goals that the enemy wants to message, you have to build tactics that combine gameplay to be able to build life on this planet. It is not just about building a world on Earth, but also a lot of factors that affect the existence and development of the planet Earth.

Players will have to change the front of many happy things that affect you. With unique gameplay, players enjoy creativity to start adventure on their management journey with the decision to fight for other players. Are you ready to enter the colorful world to jointly build a civilization that grows on earth full of attractions right now!

Upgrade planets and combat skills to strengthen development

Back To Earth Junman! APK For Android allows you to freely create a civilization whose threats are creatures from all over the universe they are targeting Earth. So upgrade your planet and civilization in a way that grows steadily. Provide players with various features and skills so that you can deal with different enemies.

In addition, it provides players with basic skills such as flamethrowers or snipers to protect your empire from any attacks that take place. You have to upgrade planets and buildings to get special skills from in-game. With each skill will require you the raw materials and energy for you to use at the outbreak of wars. Also equip you with many tasks to be able to unleash hidden power sources.

Junkman Android APK

Mission system test your real strategic battle skills

Junkman APK Latest Version gives players many quests and challenges so that you can explore the game without worrying about being limited. The challenges are designed very attractive for you to challenge your best friend with endless power. All will support you can fight monsters with many different areas. Players will have to fight various challenging locations or radioactive places. It will immerse the player in dramatic battles.

In each terrain there will be a high number of enemies and attacks. If you win battles and perform challenges regularly, then you will receive valuable rewards to upgrade your board skills and power sources. Players also enjoy beautiful vivid 3D graphics that help players enjoy the entertainment space without being able to escape.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of Back To Earth Junkman APK

Realistic experience of this game

The game was very interesting when I was able to build an ancient civilization with my own hands. This game has a lot of missions and events to play. These include fighting, collecting resources, building towers, upgrading bases, and online events to find combat allies. The game with beautiful graphics and diverse landscape images create more and more addictive gameplay. Every day I go into this game to check my construction progress and perform side quests to earn extra bonuses. It is worth trying once.

Back To Earth Junman! APK For Android


  • Many civilizations to choose from
  • There is a seamless map, which helps you to observe the entire territory
  • Experience the feeling of exploration, investigate new lands, engage in fiery battles
  • Play wherever you are, completely free


  • This game needs strong and stable internet to experience continuous play
  • The configuration requirements are quite high and the capacity should be enough to contain data
  • APK version only supports Android OS


If you are passionate about strategy games, Back To Earth Junkman APK is the choice you should join play now. In the game you will be immersed in the famous generals and create your own space for you to show your dominant talent, build yourself a private empire. Junkman APK Download at the website to demonstrate the strategy of building and developing their skills.

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