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ATV Launcher
ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher Pro APK 0.1.21-pro (Patched, Paid For Free, for Android TV)

Nov 13, 2023

ATV Launcher Pro APK is an Android TV app that enhances the experience with streamlined navigation.

Name ATV Launcher Pro
Updated 2023-05-02
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 0.1.21-pro
Size 5 MB
MOD Patched, Paid For Free, for Android TV
Category Personalization
Developer DStudio Canada
Price Free
Google Play Link

Transform Your Devices Experience with ATV Launcher Pro APK | A Revolution in Android TV Interfaces

In the ever-evolving international era, the manner we interact with our gadgets is always increasing and improving. One such innovation that has caught the eye of Android TV users is the ATV Launcher Pro APK. This application, distinct from the standard interfaces on televisions, brings a clean angle to how we view and use our TVs. With functionalities that echo the benefit and customization of smartphones, it stands proud as a game-changer within the realm of Android TV interfaces.

ATV Launcher Pro APK

Overview of ATV Launcher Pro

What makes ATV Launcher Pro so attractive? It's a combination of consumer-centric design and innovative skills. This app is not pretty much aesthetic improvements; it is approximately remodeling your TV proper into a further useful and a laugh hub of amusement and information. Its adaptability stands proud, allowing clients to tailor their TV interface to their specific desires and choices. This degree of customization is rarely seen in famous TV interfaces, making ATV Launcher Pro a unique solution for those looking for extra Android TVs.

Attractive Points of ATV Launcher Pro

What makes ATV Launcher Pro so appealing? It's a mixture of user-centric design and revolutionary capabilities. This app isn't just about aesthetic upgrades; it is about reworking your TV right into an extra useful and fun hub of leisure and facts. Its adaptability sticks out, permitting customers to tailor their TV interface to their specific needs and choices. This degree of customization is rarely visible in well-known TV interfaces, making ATV Launcher Pro a unique solution for those in search of greater Android TVs.

The Attractive Features of ATV Launcher Pro APK Latest Version

Customizable Tiles

One of the standout features of ATV Launcher Pro APK is its customizable tiles. Similar to how smartphone screens are organized, this feature allows users to sort their apps and widgets into easily accessible sections. These tiles are not static; they can be rearranged, resized, and personalized to suit the user's preferences. This means you can have all your favorite apps, from streaming services to games, neatly organized and just a click away. The process is straightforward – go to the Widget menu, select Launcher settings, and start creating your customized tiles. This stage of customization is a sizable bounce forward in making TV interfaces extra person-friendly and efficient.

ATV Launcher Pro APK For Android TV

Widget Flexibility

Widgets have always been a crucial part of smartphone usability, and ATV Launcher Pro brings this convenience to your TV. The app allows users to feature, modify, and customize a lot of widgets on their displays. From weather updates to your most-used apps, these widgets serve as quick shortcuts and information panels. The beauty of ATV Launcher APK lies in its flexibility – you can choose how many widgets to display and their size. The app smartly balances visibility and screen real estate, ensuring that your TV screen doesn't feel cluttered, even with multiple widgets.

Image Adjustment Support

Another impressive feature of ATV Launcher Pro APK Patched is its support for image adjustment. This feature elevates your TV's aesthetic by allowing you to set custom wallpapers, a feature regularly missing in fashionable TV interfaces. The app allows both static and live photos, providing you with the liberty to select wallpapers that shape your fashion and temper. For TVs missing local wallpaper aid, this feature is a substantial enhancement, including a personal contact in your viewing enjoyment. The procedure is as simple as on a telephone, making sure that even the ones new to tech can without problems customize their displays.

Enhanced Security with Folders

Security and organization go hand in hand in ATV Launcher Pro. The app introduces the potential to create folders, much like on a phone, in which you could group apps collectively. This now not handiest facilitates in keeping your interface organized but also adds a layer of security. You can password-protect these folders, ensuring that your frequently used apps are safe and accessible only to you. This feature is especially useful for individuals who percentage their TVs with others and want to preserve certain apps non-public.

Actual Experience and Analysis

Having explored ATV Launcher Pro APK firsthand, it's evident why this app is a game-changer for Android TV users. Its intuitive interface and customizable features significantly enhance the TV experience. Here's a breakdown of what stands out:

ATV Launcher APK

User Reviews

"Transformative Experience": A user mentioned how ATV Launcher Pro revolutionized their TV-watching experience, making navigation smoother and more personalized.

"Efficiency at its Best": Another user praised the app for its efficient organization of apps and widgets, which drastically reduced their search time.

"Aesthetic and Functional": A third review highlighted the blend of aesthetics and functionality, especially appreciating the image adjustment feature.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive design makes it easy for anyone, irrespective of their tech-savviness, to use the launcher effectively.
  • Customization: The level of customization available, from tiles to widgets, allows users to create a personalized viewing experience.
  • Enhanced Security: The ability to create password-protected folders adds a layer of security, particularly important for shared devices.


  • Learning Curve: For first-time users, especially those not familiar with customizable launchers, there can be a slight learning curve.
  • Performance Dependency: The app's performance is somewhat dependent on the TV's hardware, which might limit functionality on older models.
  • Limited Free Features: While ATV Launcher Pro APK Paid For Free offers many features, some advanced functionalities are locked behind a paywall.

FAQs about The App

Is it safe to download ATV Launcher Pro from

Yes, the site ensures that all APKs are scanned for viruses and malware, providing a safe download environment.

How to download the app?

Just click 'Download' below. Ensure your TV allows installations from unknown sources before proceeding.

Other Common Questions

  • Compatibility - Is it compatible with all Android TVs?: Yes, it's designed for Android TV.
  • Cost - Is it free?:  Basic features are free, but premium features require payment.
  • Updates - Will I receive updates?: Yes, especially if you download the app's Latest Version.
  • Customization Limit - How many widgets can I add? Up to five, but more widgets mean smaller sizes.
  • Support - Is there customer support?: Yes, the developers offer support for technical issues.

Summary and Call to Action

ATV Launcher Pro has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for Android TV users. Its ability to transform and elevate the standard TV interface into a personalized, efficient, and secure hub is unparalleled. From the customizable tiles and widgets to the added security of password-protected folders, it's an app that caters to a wide array of needs and preferences.

ATV Launcher Pro APK Patched

For those intrigued by the potential of ATV Launcher Pro, it's worth exploring. Head over to and take the first step towards revolutionizing your TV experience. Download ATV Launcher Pro APK today and see the difference for yourself!


ATV Launcher Pro APK stands as a testament to the possibilities of modern technology in enhancing our daily lives, particularly in how we interact with our TVs. Its intuitive design, customizable functions, and consumer-centric approach make it more than without a doubt an app; it's a whole new way to experience television. Whether you're looking to organize your apps better, create a more personalized interface, or simply want more control over your TV, ATV Launcher Pro is the solution.

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