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Artguru Face Swap App
Artguru Face Swap App

Artguru Face Swap App APK v27 (Free AI Yearbook)

Oct 03, 2023

Artguru Face Swap App is a unique AI-powered application to swap actual faces with people you want.

Name Artguru Face Swap App
Updated 2023-10-03
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version v27
Size 50 MB
MOD Free AI Yearbook
Category Art & Design
Developer ArtGuru Face Swap Dev
Price Free
Google Play Link

Artguru Face Swap App | Transforming Selfies with Seamless AI Integration and Dynamic Features

Gone are the days when photo manipulation was limited to professional editors. Enter the digital age, where the Artguru Face Swap App makes facial swaps not just possible, but also incredibly fun and easy. Ever imagined seamlessly inserting your face into iconic moments, recreating vintage photos, or even embodying a celebrity for a brief moment? The world of face-swapping has expanded, and it's time for you to dive in.

Artguru Face Swap App

An Overview of the Artguru Face App

If you're new to the concept, face swapping refers to the digital art of superimposing one face onto another, typically in photos. And in this domain, the Artguru Face Swap App has made waves. Designed for the everyday user, this app effortlessly stands out, making complex editing tasks accessible to everyone. It’s not just about changing faces; it's about bringing out the "what-ifs" in your photos. What if you were part of the iconic 90s pop culture? With the app feature, you're about to find out!

Attractive points of the Artguru AI Swap Face

But why choose Artguru among the sea of apps? Let's cut straight to the chase:

Huge Preset Library: Tired of the same old filters? Choose from an extensive list that ranges from celebrities to cartoons. It’s like walking into a digital masquerade every time!

Custom Image Upload: Fancy yourself a bit of an artist? Go ahead, upload your images, and watch the magic unfold.

Real-Time Face Blending: Using its app tech, the app ensures you won't see those unnatural edges. Your photos will have the realistic touch they deserve.

Simple & Intuitive: Ever been scared away by a complex app interface? Fear not! Three taps are all you need here. Designed with mobile users in mind, the Artguru Face Swap Yearbook feature promises ease of use for all.

Impressive Features of the Artguru Face Swap App

3.1 Celebrity Face Swapping

Ever dreamt of being on the red carpet? With this feature, you don't need to wait for a fairy godmother. Swap your face with your favorite celeb, strike a pose, and let the world see the superstar in you.

Artguru AI Swap Face

3.2 Clothing Style Transformation

Ever wondered how you'd look in the roaring twenties or the swinging sixties? Explore different epochs, and try out a myriad of styles with this feature. It's more than just fashion; it’s a trip down memory lane.

3.3 Nationality Filters

The world is diverse and beautiful. With the app, experience this diversity firsthand. See how you'd look across different continents without stepping out of your room.

Personal Experience & Evaluation

Now, for the hands-on part. When I first explored the app, I was a bit skeptical. Could it deliver as promised? But within minutes, I was swapping my face with 90s TV stars using the Artguru AI Swap Face 90s feature. The interface? Super smooth. The experience? Astonishingly real.


  • Top-Notch Quality: Those photo mishaps with odd blends? Didn't spot any here. The results were impressively realistic.
  • Diverse Library: From classic Hollywood to famous artworks, the options felt endless.
  • User-Friendly: Not tech-savvy? No worries. It’s as simple as tap, choose, and voila!


  • Android Exclusivity: Sorry iPhone users, this gem is currently just on Android.
  • Offline Limitations: While most features are available offline, a few do require an internet connection.
  • Data Storage Queries: With privacy being paramount, clearer information about data storage would be appreciated.

FAQs about the Artguru Face Swap App Download

5.1 Is it safe to download this game/app from

Yes, this site is a safe resource you can trust to install anything.

5.2 How to download the app?

You can just access the link below and follow the instructions on the screen.

5.3 Configuration requirements to run the Swap Face AI?

For a seamless experience with the app, ensure your device runs on Android 5.0 or above. A decent RAM, say 2GB, should give you a smooth sailing experience.

Artguru Face Swap Yearbook

5.4 Related questions about the app

Is there a subscription fee?: While there is a free version, the premium features might come at a cost. But believe me, it's worth every penny.

Can I use the Face Swap offline?: Absolutely! While some features may require an internet connection, most functionalities are available offline.

Summary and call for downloads at

The app is not just another app; it’s an experience. With its dynamic library, user-friendly features, and high-quality swaps, it's a game-changer. If you haven’t already, give it a try! While might offer the app, always ensure the source's authenticity and safety before downloading.

How Artguru Face Swap APK Works?

Behind the seamless face swaps of the app lies some impressive technology. Let's break it down:

  • Face Recognition: The magic begins when the app identifies faces in your photos using advanced AI.
  • Digital Blueprint Creation: Next, it creates a digital map of the facial features, sort of like a template for the swapping process.
  • Smart Algorithms at Play: Here, the app uses these algorithms to ensure that the swapped face aligns perfectly with the original.
  • Face Swapping: This is where the real fun begins. With all the data in place, the app blends the chosen face with your original image. The result? A cohesive and natural-looking photo, thanks to Artguru Yearbook tech.

Artguru AI Swap Face 90s


To sum it up, in the vast sea of face-swapping apps, the Artguru Face Swap App is a beacon of innovation. With its simple interface but effective capabilities, it caters to each casual customers and image-enhancing fanatics. Whether you are diving into memories with the app feature or simply searching out an amusing manner to reimagine your photographs, this app guarantees and gives you. Ready to embark on this visual journey? Dive right in, and allow your imagination to run wild!

Most Outstanding Features of The App’s Latest Version

  • Face Recognition: The app uses cutting-edge facial recognition technology to correctly hit upon and map faces in pix and motion pictures.
  • Digital Blueprint Creation: The app creates a unique virtual blueprint of facial capabilities, making sure seamless face swaps through aligning the eyes, nose, mouth, and ordinary face form.
  • Smart Algorithms: Leveraging sensible algorithms, the app analyzes facial landmarks and ensures the replacement face aligns seamlessly with the unique, supplying a herbal appearance.
  • Celebrity Face Swapping: Users can step into the limelight by swapping their faces with celebrities, from Hollywood A-listers to sports activities icons, to immerse themselves in a celeb-studded enjoyment.
  • Clothing Style Transformation: The app lets customers dive right into a style exploration, offering an array of numerous garb styles from conventional to futuristic.
  • Nationality Filters: This feature we could users to view themselves with distinctive capabilities from numerous ethnicities, supplying a unique glimpse into various cultures and areas.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Achieving face swaps is a breeze with simply three taps, all thanks to a mobile-pleasant and intuitive interface.
  • Huge Preset Library: From celebrities, and anime characters, to famous artworks, the app's sizeable library is constantly updated, imparting fresh swapping alternatives each day.
  • Secure Storage: Ensuring users' privacy, all face change creations are saved securely in the app without external right of entry.
  • Offline Functionality: While a few features may need an internet connection, a good-sized portion of the app functionalities may be accessed and enjoyed offline.
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