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Addict Hearts
Addict Hearts

Addict Hearts APK v1.0 (Android App Last Ned Gratis)

Aug 08, 2023

Addict Hearts APK is a role playing game with a mobile version for Android users.

Name Addict Hearts
Updated 2023-08-08
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version v1.0
Size 177 MB
MOD Android App Last Ned Gratis
Category Role Playing
Developer Tsuki Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Addict Hearts APK - Stories connected by Hearts

Addict Hearts APK is a dating simulation simulation game so that players can participate in exploring many interesting emotional stories intertwined with the inner fight. The game revolves around mysterious and dramatic stories for players to explore slowly. The game is designed to be very convenient on mobile to play. It is convenient in any case wherever you are. Many emotional colors are manifested in this game so that players do not get bored about it. Please refer to the following article to know more about this game.

Addict Hearts APK

General introduction to the game Addict Hearts APK

Addict Hearts APK For Android is a game known for its storyline revolving around female characters who have many events in life. Players will play the role of that character and go through many different situations. The first game will take you to a room with the character and you will handle unexpected situations that happen to earn points from it. The character is studying dangerous potions and you must try to prevent them to avoid bringing much damage to life. The reason that the female character defines those things is because she wants to get the feelings of the male character who attends the same school as her. In addition to that task you also have to help the girl find her true love so that the character can escape from that gloomy room.

The game is designed very nicely with many thrilling episodes to challenge agility and good skills to quickly overcome. The game with many useful features supports somewhat for the process of completing the player's tasks. You can rely on that to achieve your goals.

Most attractions of the game Addict Hearts APK Latest Version

Addict Hearts APK 2023 gives players an immersive adventure genre full of Appeal. With a unique storyline will create an engaging game. Here players will encounter various characters who will also become the person you like and use your talents to conquer the heart of that girl. Coming to this game the player will play the role of a schoolboy set from school.

And our protagonist is a girl who is studying a substance in a laboratory, your job is to prevent that girl from making potions. Help that girl overcome difficult times and get a beautiful love affair at school age. Along with the character you meet, you must interact with the character to start fighting three different battles. Therefore, players need to use their ingenious ability to conquer that girl to tap information in order to quickly solve it in a short time.

Addict Hearts APK Latest Version

Every decision in this dating game is going to be decided by you, so you have to be honest with the decision you make. In addition, it gives players many attractive features that have been unlocked, making players experience and enjoy the simulation space full of authenticity. Also help you get a romantic dating space when you complete attractive tasks and challenges.

Impressive features of game Addict Hearts APK

Fascinating missions

Addict Hearts APK Android App Last Ned Gratis brings players a challenging love story. When you have to stop the girl you like from escaping the pitfalls and not let that girl make poison to become a normal person, it is very difficult. So, during the mission you need to fight and puzzle in the fastest time to avoid that girl with strange manifestations beginning to appear. So you need to equip skills and strategies to conquer the heart of that girl and have an interesting romance with the main character.

Create characters in style

Coming to this game players will be doing whatever they want without any problems. So to make your character unique and impressive, or design according to personality with the costumes, accessories, hairstyles,appearance, etc. Will bring a cute and extremely impressive character.

Ultra sharp graphics

Free Download Addict Hearts APK for Android gives players a colorful world along with a charismatic storyline. Will bring players to be able to immerse themselves in the fighting space and help the character escape from adversity. So equipped players with beautifully designed scenes and characters. That you can't help but discover.

Addict Hearts APK for Android

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Addict Hearts APK

Realistic experience of the game

This is a game with special characters that gives me very special feelings about this game. I am very interested in the design style of this game, the graphics are shown through the character image, and the interface displays everything on the main screen. The game is an amazing virtual entertainment and dating space.


  • Characters with different personalities in each context
  • Players are unlocked all features for free
  • What makes it quite simple with many lovely anime images


  • Meet the game compatible configuration to download the latest version
  • This APK file is only for Android OS devices

Addict Hearts APK v1.0

FAQs about game Addict Hearts APK v1.0

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes, this is done very safely. This game has been undertaken by a highly specialized team to test and censor so you can rest assured that download.

How to download the game?

Download this game right at the link provided in this article. Click on it and do the downloads according to the instructions.

Configuration required to run the game

The game requires users to equip an Android 4.0 device or more.

Does the game need a constant internet connection?

It is also not necessary to constantly connect, you can be flexible in this regard.


Addict Hearts APK for players to get an engaging dating game. When the player has to complete many missions and challenges to change the future of the game. And get a romantic date with that girl. Should Addict Hearts APK Download directly on the site and the link below to start the download process. The game will bring you exciting experiences with many fascinating situations that await you! Download now!

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